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 ahhhh! i'm dying probably!!!?
well okay maybe not dying, but it sure feels like it. i have seasonal allergies, and i'm allergic to grass and pollen and that floaty cotteny stuff that comes off trees, and i always get mild ...

 how can i tell if i broke my nose?
i was playin basketball and a girl put her head up adn hit my nose. its bleed a little and it hurts under my eyes and to breathe. it burns a lil too it seems a lil swollen too a weeeeek???? i was ...

 Am I allergic to Shrimp?
I had shrimp last night and while I was eating it, my tongue started to feel slightly tingly and numb. Although I have been eating shrimp my whole life, does this mean that I might be allergic? I ...

 What are some good OTC medicines that help with runny nose/mucus control?
I constantly have to blow my nose. It's becoming really bothersome. I have some Afrin nasal spray, but that only really seems to help with stuffiness. It does help with runny nose, but only for ...

 Pepper spray in my sisters nose HELP!!!!!?
My sister had to pepper spray some guy and now she accidentally scratched her nose and now shes in so much pain. We used water and milk and nothing has worked any other suggestions please no sarcasm I...

 how do i cure my allergies?

 After I took a shower my eye is red?
i wiped my left eye with a towel and now it is read. I wiped the other eye with the same towel but it isnt red...i dont think its pink eye because it isnt itchy and isnt ...

 Allergies - experimentation?
I recently found that my severe allergies temporarily disappeared while I was waiting in an ultra-clean area of a hospital. My question is: where could I go if I wanted to spend an hour or so in a *...

 Should I carry an EpiPen?
So, last year, I went off gluten (the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye), as well as milk. I had noticed some anaphylactic symptoms after consuming milk (ie, mild throat tightening, etc.) I...

 My Grandma says she gets a "cold" when she eats onions, what does that mean?
Could it be an allergic reaction, or something to do with onions specifically? It's not when she CUTS them, it's when she EATS them. And it lasts for days......

 i have a weird itching?
ok, so this is pretty gross. im itching, you know, down there. there's these little red bubbles and its really painful. i don't know whats wrong! also i did see something move down there....

 should i still excersize if i have a blocked nose?

 Is there a remedy for throat Flem/mucus?
I am not coughing or anything but, my throat is ever choking with mucus from the ...

Can you develop allergies over time? Starting this spring (same time that i got my guinea pig) I started getting really bad watery eyes, runny nose, sore throat, coughing... since then, i have ...

 What could I be allergic to?
I get bumps anywhere from my arms, legs, back, and stomach that itch like crazy. Some other issues is that somtimes during the day I have difficulties breathing, idk if that helps much. I dont know ...

 what over -the -counter nasal spray will help moisturize a stuffy nose
without making if worse when I stop using it ?(rebound affect)...

 Am I having an allergic reaction?
My left cheek just developed a rash.Nothing has really changed in my diet or anything except I have been drinking just perrier brand sparkling mineral water.And just store brand carbonated water.I...

 Rash covering arms, back, and thighs?
I gave my dog a good brush the other day, and now i have red blotchiness on my arms, legs, and thighs. I used to have them on my back, but they had went away. My face had gone red, and i was burning ...

 can anyone help me to understand my allergy?
I recently developed the allergy to dairy so yes i am now lactose intolerant. Well i don't understand, i take lactose pills right before i eat dairy and it seems to work for the most part. I can ...

 I have only had cats my whole life, I'm allergic to dogs?
unfortunately, I've never been able to have a dog, but may now. Am I the only person that thinks that dogs smell? Do cats also (not their little, but them) - I've never smelled any odor ...

Can sinus drainage cause you to feel like something is in the back of your throat?
It feels like its hard to swallow it,.. like it wont clear. is that normal? its so annoying!

The sinus drainage goes down the back of your throat and can often feel like a lump. Sometimes you can cough it up but often it will just slide down your esophagus into your stomach. Drinking lots of water may help it go down. A quart of mucus actually drains down the back of your throat every day. It may be thicker if it is getting rid of more sinus mucus or possibly infected material as in the start of an infection. Nurse Sue

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sinus drainage can cause your throat to hurt, i'm not sure about feeling something in the back of it

YES mine feels like that all the time. So annoying.

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