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 Eye Allergy I need its name please?
I know that this is an eye allergy but I'm not sure of its name, and I can't find it on the internet. Does anyone know of an allergy that cause tiny blisters under the eyelid, blisters that ...

 How do I get over my eye drop fear!!!?
Ok, so a few weeks ago, I found out that I may be allergic to something. Now, I've never been allergic to anything before, so I've never used eye drops. How can I get over the fear of ...

 Motel A/C smells musty..??
Last wk I posted about having swelling and soreness in my nose, was determined to be sinusitis. We've been staying in motel room on contract job for three months. We've been noticing a ...

 Once in a great while, when Im working out Ill break out in HIVES??
My throat feels like it tighens a little, and then i break out in hives for about an hour, what is this from??? Im not on any meds or anythin, I dont understand this, but it makes it very hard to ...

 Have a lab poodle mix that has food allergies, he has diarrhea and vomits up mostly slimey water. need help?

 All of a sudden i have this rash on my back and on my face, how can i get rid of it!?
I got the rash over night. I thought it would go away in atleast a day and its still here, it actually spread. please help! :(...

 can airbourne mold kill you?

 Is it possible to fake anaphylaxis to a food allergy?
Via medicine, substance, etc....

 Metal Allergie?
i have a metal allergy so when i wear belts i get a rash. is there any thing i can put on the belt to stop the skin irritation? Thanks. :]]...

 i think i hav gluten intolerence,how am i 2 b sure?And if it is confirmed what r da foodstuffs i hav 2 avoid??

 Over the Counter ALLERGY help?
My allergies are getting worse, can you recommend an over the counter fix?

I get scratchy, watery eyes and my nose is constantly filling up when I am around any pollen filled weeds, dried ...

 lactose intolerant solution>?
I need something besides medicine to settle my ...

 Why does my nose sweat after eating an orange?
I noticed this throughout all of my life. While I eat an orange or other citrus foods my nose sweats.....the sides of the nose where you blush. It tingles, then feels warm then cool.....weird huh? ...

 can u have an eczema on the skin from a tooth covered by a metallic crown?
i have an eczema on one cheek and i am allergic to nickel; i was wondering where i got it from; if it was something in my hair i would have had eczema on both cheeks and on the ...

 What are the risks of getting allergy shots for people with severe allergies?
I am severely allergic to dust mites. In his thirty years of practice, my allergist says he's seen only two other people with a worse allergy. Initially he was leery of giving me allergy shots ...

 Allergie Symptoms.?
Okay So Just Making Sure If I Have Allergies;

•Sneezing Often
•Stuffy Nose
•Watery Eyes
•A Small Throat Irritation

So I Have Youth Class Tongiht At C...

 Allergies to deoderant?
I have very sensitive skin and I have used the same soap, laundry detergant, and deoderant for years. However, recently I broke out in a large welt under my arm. Not the first time. I usually get ...

 allergic reaction?
umm...well i think i might be allergic to something or maybe not... but i got all these little red swollen dots under my chin, throat and the middle of my chest, and they really really ichh... idk ...

 my eye itches and burns its soooooooo irritating?
i have tried 3 types of visine and dont knw what to do......its annoying and im always itching it so what do i do?? any ...

 i've just got over a cold from the wheather changing but i cant get rid of my cough. any ideas??
i've just got over a cold from the wheather changing but i cant get rid of my cough. any ideas?? i just cant stop coughing i get this all the time when i get sick. i'll get sick then i end ...

Can Bad baked Ziti Make you sick or give you food poison??
I ate ziti (which i thought was penne alla vodka) at a party today like 4 hours ago and turns out it wasnt bad tasting penne it was spoiled baked ziti now the hypocondriac that i am i am making myslef sick worrying if i am gonna die from it!!! i know i am crazy but if i ate it 4 hours ago it would have made me sick already right? i didnt eat alot but i ate enough of it please help if you know cause worrying is going to make me sick just from it being in my head

Stop over-reacting, you are not gonna die. You make get nauseous or get an upset stomach. Some food poisioning can send you to the emergency room, so if you have any sweating, headaches, constant vomiting, muscles aches, if you feel like you have a really bad flu you might want to call your doctor. In the meantime drink alot of water and/or hot tea to help flush out your system.

i'm not a doctor...but usually if you eat something bad, the result is an upset stomach, etc,etc...but If you haven't gotten sick yet, don't wory about it. If you had food poisioning it wouldve shown up right after you ate it.....hopefully.

ive had that happen but nothing came out of it cause i just got sick and threw up and then didn't worry. your bodies normal reaction is to remove the toxins by any disposal method that it can. so if in 4 hours it hasnt actually done anything then you should be fine.

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