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 why am i allergic to some seafood?
i dont know why i m allergic to shrimp head, crabs, and oyster.
when i was young i love to eat them and never get any allergic reaction.
but on this day when i ate them i get itch all ...

 Allergic to dust, need advice...?
Can you guys give me some suggestions on how to deal with my dust allergy problem. Doctor said i have no problems outiside but only mostly inside the home. She also suggested i get a HEPA filter. C...

 Is it possible for eggs to cause facial skin problems like a minor heat rash etc?
I may be imagining it but it feels like the more eggs I eat, the more red marks and bumps appear on my face! It's not serious or anything - there's only like 6 or 7 at the worst times. But ...

 what's the difference between lactose intolerance and being allergic to milk?
i think i'm lactose intolerent .. certain dairy products such as milk and ice cream give me stomach aches. other products such as cheese and yogurt don't. why is this? i've been ...

(1.) Before u got on Advair how many times a day did u use your fast acting inhaler???
(2.) Did u use it everyday or every other day???
(3.) How many times a week did u use it???
(4.) D...

 What is the cause of yellow phlegm in the morning? What is the cure?
I have been producing yellow (sometimes green) phlegm in the morning for the past two months. The weird thing is that I am not coughing. The phlegm just comes out when I spit or when I try to clear ...

 Rash/breakout due to multiple ant bites? Also what about mosquito bites?
last week i got bitten by some ants on my upper leg and the next morning i happen to look at my leg and i had a rash! the whole right side of my body seemed to have broke out due to these ant bites.....

 what's the best air purifier...in particular which one is better oreck or brookstone air purifiers?

 why are ayurvedic medicines most reliable?

 Allergies to Morphine?
OK like a 2 months ago i figured out that im allergic to morphine. and i was wondering if there was anything that was common in something someone would consume in a day. ect.( Drinks, Food, anything ...

 From wher do we get water from nose, when we get cold,?
is it stored in brain head or wht actually causes to flow water from nose, how to stop relief restore, thnx in ...

 nasal problem/taste?
so for the past year or so iv been having trouble tasting because of some kind of "nasal drainage", its like i always have a tiny cold but i have never had allergies or anything like that ...

i have been sneezing and itching and then i get bumps that look and itch like mosquito bites!! this happend a coouple of days ago when i had barbeque sauce with a cheeseburger...now i got them again ...

 Do you have skin allergies?
I'm allergic to most deoderants, most lotions and flouride. They cause severe dermatitis....

 Bad allergies + Contact lenses = ?
I'm thinking of getting some theatrical lenses, but I have really bad allergies to just about everything.
The pills stop most of the problems, but sometimes my eyes get really itchy and ...

 allergies to olive trees?
I just found out im allergic to olive trees would this mean im allergic to olives as well?...

 How can I get rid of the annoying bumps on the back of my arms?

 lactose free baby milk powder in london?
Hi, Can anybody pls tell me which brand is the best for lactose free milk powder for my 10 mnth daughter. she is lactose and wheat intolerant. And where in London would it be available.


 Allergy to birds?
My sister and I have both found out that we are allergic to cats, although it isn't very serious. However, we would like to have a bird/birds. Will a bird cause allergic reactions in a ...

 on mi arm, just a bit above the elbow area, there is this white rash?
could this be execema, it use 2 be itchy, mi doc prescribed elidel but it made it worse now i am beggining 2 use urederm, it is whitish nd pinkish nd is impossible to get away. it looks a little bit ...

Colleen M
Can Allergies cause your chest muscle to hurt?
Last year i got bad allergies for the first time as an adult, lost my voice sore throat and then hard to breath and then chest muscle pain near my heart that was the last symptom to subside. i got so many tests done and took so many meds including asthma, allergies, antibiotics, ekg. it ended up going away with allergy season.
this year i am breastfeeding and i am not sure if i have a plugged milk duct or its the allergy chest pain again. i started allergy meds early so no other symptoms. the pain feels on my left side and in between my cleavage. hot showers feel great but the pain doesnt subside. HELP

Yes, I have horrible seasonal allergies and around this time and a lot of the time my chest hurts from all the congestion so it's probably just that but you may want to talk to your doctor and just ask if it doesn't go away within a week or so. Hope I could help!!

Yes it can

yes it hurts every where all i want to do is sleep (try to) i would check with doc about the meds and nursing baby might not by safe. just my opinion.

dad of four
heck yea it can hurt your chest. as a male, I've never had a plugged milk duct so I can't help you there. I've had allergies for 30 years though, and a tell tale sign I'm going to have a bad season is a sore chest, from congestion and your lungs trying to fight everything off. I recommend going to natural path healer (yes they work!) while breast feeding especially. I take an herbal rememdy for mine, works great. I also have regular MD perscription for those days that are out of control. Good luck

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