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 nose problems!?
my nose gets maaaaaad stuffy and i blow it, it doesnt werk, i put vaseline in my nose the night before and i wake up and its the same, its always nasty and stuffy even though i blow my nose always ...

 Fruit Allergy!? what is it, and can i cure it?
Hey, ever since i was really young, I have had an allergy of lots of differant fruit, and i dont know why, because they are meant to be good for me, but whenever i explain I can't eat them, ...

 What kind of benadryl works better?
Topical cream? Tablets? Liquid? I only have the tablets and the topical. Which one of these will work better for my allergic reaction on the face. I've heard some people say tablet is ...

 while bending over i felt a runny liquid dripping out of my nose,not blood, but with a reddish tint,?
While bending over today i felt a runny liquid dripping from my nose, it was definitely not a nose bleed however it did have a reddish tint to it. Does anyone know what it may be?...

 hav anyone got any tips on food i can try as i suffer?
has anybody got any ideas of foods i can try i suffer from stomach acid and Indigestion all the time i must change my diet....

 what will stop my allergies?
i took two 24 hour wal-zyr (antihistamine) and two 4-6 hour benadryl allergy (antihistamine) pills today and still i'm leeking from the nose. what should i do? when i was allergy tested years ...

 I'm totally sick, my throat hurts, nose running, watering eyes, coughing(i already know its part allergies).?
Got any suggestions on what to eat, drink, or take medicine already tried: benadryll,clartin, allegra, Robitussin. already have benn throwing-up!!!!!!!...

 I think I may have a food allergy, but am not sure what kind. Any help?
Every so often, I will wake up with unbearable stomach pains and diarrhea. I think it may be related to a food allergy, but am not sure which one or how to find out....

 How do you get a bloody nose?

 why some people have squinty and small eyes?
is it because they didn't get enough sleep? im not trying to offend anybody :)...

 Everytime i sneeze why does it make my nose all runny then i have to blow it?

 How can I get rid of dust?
It's driving me craaaazy. I only cleaned the whole room yesterday and I can still SEE the dust floating around the room and on the floor. This is madness....

 I woke up with a red spot in my eye that looks like a clot. What could that be?

 Why do my eyes get watery and burn when i'm on the computer?
should i get off?...

 Am i allergic to chocolate?
when i eat chocolate (kinda grose) i get loads of mucus and a runny nose. also i sneez a lot. i have ashma aswell and i was thinking could that be because of the chocolate because it says one of the ...

 What does it mean when your Nose starts to itch and won't stop?

 Is it true that if you eat too much of one thing, you can/will have food intolerance to it?
is food intolerance not food allergy..totally different!...

 how can you get a sore throat in 2 hours?
don't ask why i want to know it is urgent i want miss school ...

 This isn't a deviated septum is it?
I can only breathe out of one nostril at a time. One is always clogged and the other one I can always breathe easily out of. It alternates throughout the day. Only a few times a year can I breathe ...

 what's the best way to get rid of dust?
does anyone have any idea?...

Ate salad with french dressing. Got chest burn. Drank milk and got stomach ache. What is causing it?
I make salad consisting of carrot, red capsicum, tomato, and cucumber. I cut them into small pieces and use some french dressing. Normally after eating all of it, I notice I get very mild chest burn. Is this from the french dressing? And today I drank some milk after eating the salad and got a stomach cramping pain after a while(couldn't stand up straight, stomach felt tight). What is causing this the stomach tightness and the chest burn? is it the salad dressing ? milk? I am a little worried Kind Regards Thank you for all the answers. Tigger : I do not get the stomach cramps when i drink milk by itself. echokitt... : Your right. I did realise I do get it more when i am stressing. As you said tomato and cucumber is highly acidic. I noticed reducing the dressing amount did help. I did some research and it said that milk does not help with the reflux. That people think it does. It does bring relief when taken. But after 30 mins, since the milk has calcium and protein, more acid is produced and the situation gets worse. correction "As you said tomato and *salad dressing* is highly acidic"

I think it sounds like acid reflux. When my reflux acts up and I drink milk, it gives me sour stomich. Milk reacts badly with those acids.

You could have two different conditions going on: Lactose intolerance (your reaction to the milk) and allergies or ulcers (the salad and dressing.) It's not really serious- Usually. But it is something to keep an eye on. Good luck!

It could be the dressing, or the cucumbers, or the tomatoes they all could give you heartburn and drinking milk after a salad..ohhh that makes my belly ache.

Both things can be caused from acid reflux which is condition where basically speaking you produce too much acid in your stomach and it starts to make it's way up the esophagus. This can be caused from an increase in anxiety. Some foods can also magnify the problem such as anything with high acidity (ie tomatoes and the salad dressing). Some people find that milk helps with acid reflux, but personally when I am suffering from it, I get the same symptoms as you got when you drank the milk. Acid reflux can also change your normal digestion patterns which would cause the cramping. And of course the only way to be sure is to see a doctor.

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