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mary pie
Am I allergic to Mushrooms?
I was eating pizza and with mushrooms and after a few minutes I was out of breath I tried benadryl and didnt work so my fam. was going to take me to the hospital but I felt like I couldnt breathe and I was extreamly weak! We had to call the paramedics instead cause it was getting worse. They put an oxygen mask on me, I.V. and all this other stuff but I still havent gone to an allergist and never ate pizza again. Is this normal?

Go to the Doctor and explain to him what happen to you and he will try and do a blood test on you.There's heaps of things on the pizza the sauce the cheese it can be anything or you were food poisoning.If u had pizza before with mushroom and nothing happen to u, it can't be the mushrooms. The doctor will find out and at the end you will find out.

Well maybe you should try some Psilocybin. these buggers will cure you of any mushroom alergy. I have a friend that doses regularly and at first he became ill but now he is able to ride it out!

Motti _Shish
Hmm, it's a little hard to tell seeing as it would've been any ingredient in the pizza and not necessarily the mushrooms. Any extra added ingredient that might've been added could be the cause of your loss of breath. I think you should go to a specialist and have it checked out before eating pizza again. Be well! :)

Have you ever eaten mushroom before that? It might have been something else.

make and appointment with your GP to get a refferal to see a skin specialist, they can do the required allergy tests for you. Also it would be a good idea to get a blood test. I hope that you were not too frightened of the event and you recovered quickly.

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