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 How do i treat chronic swollen eyelids?
My eyes are purplish and swollen everyday and my doctor says it's caused by an allergy called allergic shiners allergy and i would like to know how i could relieve the the symptoms so my eyes ...

 Can using Nasonex upset your stomach? Being feeling nauseaus.?

 Is this normal?
I took an allergy pill about an hour ago. It is the generic version of Claritin 10mg. Now I feel like my heart is beating out of my chest. When I check my pulse it seems normal. Is this a normal ...

 what can you do for a really bad bruise and is there a easy way to re-leave the symptoms of an allergy?

 what foods have formaldehyde in them?

 allergies in a 6 month old?
My daughter gets a runny nose and red, watery eyes pretty often. It seems to be worse if shes outside a lot, or inside without the AC on. I asked her dr., and she said a 6th month old doesn't ...

 My apartment smells like cat....What can I do?
We just moved in to our new apartment over the weekend, and the second I walked in the door, I knew the last person to live there must have had a cat. Not only does it smell, but I am allergic to ...

 Am I having an allergic reaction?
My tongue is slightly swollen and I literally can't stick it more than 1 inch out of my mouth. When I do stick it out, it looks very fat. It hurts on the bottom like i pulled the muscle. My ...

 Why are inhalers coulored?
Why ??...

 my baby have egg allergy is there any 1 else?
plz tell me some ...

 After eating (any foods), I cough for about 35-50 seconds.?
I usually eat off a paperplate and wondered if I could be allergic to paper or the napkin or what.
It happens right after last bite only; not inbetween....

 Hayfever! I Really Need Help! Please!?
I'm a 12yr old boy from Malta(which i dont think helps as it barely rained this year so the streets would be very dusty) and i have bad Hayfever ive had it since i was about 5 but for the last 3-...

 Does Sinutab work faster than Claritin-D?

 i lost my sense of smell?
well ive had thios cold for like 2 months now. i went to the doctor for anti-biotics and i got them the stuffy nose and everything went away, but i lost my sence of smell w.t.f! lol but i still wake ...

 What causes allergies to caffeine???
I am allergic to caffeine and does not know why. When I hear how everyone enjoys coffee I get a little bit annoyed. I cannot get close to a cup of coffee. I will get nauseated and throw up, and I ...

 How do you read results for a Total IgE(Immunoglobulin E)?
Allergy panel...
The results came back as a 4
Is this a normal level?
There are no reference ranges on the report so I'm a little bit confused......

 I snore and want to stop it. I've tried several remedies and nothing works. HELP!!!!!?
I have tried losing weight, snore strips, with alcohol, without alcohol, two pillows (from three), one pillow (from two), Snore Extinguisher throat spray, staying on my side while asleep, allergy ...

 I have an older persian female with the severe tiny tiny nose..her ears seem to bother her .?
what can I do to clean them without hurting her, as they bleed or swell with almost anything....

 pycnogenol works for my allergies, anyone else get results?

 what can i do to reduce my allergys?
well i moved into an apartment and now my allgerys are full blown.

runny nose,sore eyes,and chest pain on the right of my chest. i take singulair and nasonex but it dont seem to help. (...

Allergic to Body Wash?
I have recently started using a body wash as opposed to bar soap and seem to have developed allergies - anyone else have a similar problem using a body wash?

It is possible to be allergic to a particular soap or wash. It all depends on its ingredients. You should check the labelling of the body wash and see what it contains.

If you find yourself developing skin allergies, it is best to avoid those with fragrance and use those that are meant for sensitive skin.

You could try a brand called Simple. They do body washes, shower gels, bubble bath etc. They are 100% soap and perfume free and i use there baby range on my daughter. I tried the dove summer glow body lotion and broke out in a rash all over my arms face and chest so personally im now a bit wary of dove products. But i do use the Simple face gel and its great doesnt dry out my skin.

leap year girly
I am the total opposite. I am allergic to bars of soap. Particularly Zest. My legs get bumps and almost hive like red spots. My mom thinks I am physcotic and my doctor thinks I shave too much. I have recentally switched to Dove for sensitive skin and it works wonders. Don't use the wash that irritates your skin.

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