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Why do blackouts and dizzy spells occur?
i'm not sure if its some psychic thing that occurs. i get dizzy when i stand up and the only thing that helps is if i fall straight to the ground and recompose myself. I feel like i'm fainting but i'm not. i just have to lay there and then the dizziness goes away and i can stand up. it feels really weird. i don't know why that happens. can anyone explain?

May be diabetes.Check with Doc. Has to do with low sugar levels in the blood.

the flow of oxygen in your body is not circulating fast enough so when you stan up too fast your legs collapse from the lack of oxygen.

Could be a blood pressure problem. Sounds like you need to get it checked out with a doctor.

lack of oxygen to the brain

The bitter wife
lack of blood flowing to certain places like the legs or head

toon l
see your doc ask him for a blood sugar test you could be hypoglycemic

This happens to me sometimes. I relate it to stress, or perhaps low blood sugar. Sometimes I pass out all the way and it takes me awhile to come to. Are you smoking cannabis? I noticed, when I was in college, that that seemed to exacerbate the problem, that is why I related it to low blood sugar. That being said, I fainted in a hospital, no cannabis in my system, and I had eaten recently, the nurses took blood, ran tests and came up with nothing. I still faint from time to time and I can always tell when it is going to happen. I no longer smoke anything, (ah youth...)
and I have been tested for diabetes with no problems. I call it my not to being a southern belle...

It's called vertigo. When you are lying down and then suddenly get up, your blood rushes down from your head, which can make you dizzy and light-headed. It's also an inner ear thing, as that is where your balance is controlled.

you need to see a doctor asap this could be serious ,could be your blood pressure ,couldbe sugar levels ,could be anything

See your doctor. You are ready to have a stroke. You are not
getting enough "oxygen to the brain." Seriously. <}:-{(

Not sure but sometimes it's caused by vasovagal syncope. The medical terminology for fainting in general is "syncope." You might be able to find more info. about this online.

Nurse J
What you are describing is called "orthostatic hypotension" which is a fancy word for low blood pressure that occurs when you change your posture, e.g., standing up suddenly. When you stand up suddenly, your blood pressure drops, your heart starts beating fast in order to try to get blood (therefore, oxygen) to your brain as quickly as possible. If your body doesn't do this quickly enough--you may temporarily lose consciousness (faint). The main cause is dehydration. Drink more water!!!

Lisa P
It could be anything ,low blood pressure, low blood sugar,make an appt with your pcp and have it checked out.
Hope you feel better
Good Luck

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