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Fiber glass is iching my hands?
I was cutting a fiber glass case and pick up the shaving and threw them in the bin, now i have blisters on my hand, why.

Sadly, you have miniature fibres of glass stuck in your skin. That's causing the itching. Hopefully, they work they out in time.

Next time, you really must wear gloves. It's not nice stuff.

Please get seen to as soon as possible lol thank you

the very small glass particles have gotten into your hand. You should have been wearing gloves. Be thankful that it wasn't your eyes, then you would really have a problem.

Whenever you handle fibre glass you need to wear glove as it is a strong irritant. (Too late for me to say now) I think it has something to do with the microfibers getting into your pores. You should also wear goggles and a mask in future just to be safe.

Rinse your hands thoroughly and apply calamine lotion if you have some or another cream for itching.

Hope that helps.

Ò‰FuzzyÒ‰ - Ò‰No-NosedÒ‰ - Ò‰ChimpÒ‰
you have thousands of tiny glass slivers embedded in your skin. If you didn't wear gloves, I take it you didn't wear a face mask, so you have the same damage to your lungs too?

NIck N
This happens to me occasionally. First aid is to rinse off with plenty of running water. If you rinse off with bleach also help relieve the pain. The pain is caused by the glass fibers actually getting embedded and cutting your skin on your hands. Your body is fighting the infections that micro splinters of glass has caused. Next time use gloves and be sure to wear eye goggles to protect your eyes. You were luck this time as nothing got in to your eyes. It was just your hands. Imagine the pain you would be going thru if you got these fiber of glass in your eyes.

first things first: DON'T SCRATCH IT!!! that will embed the fibers into your skin. use dish soap to wash your hands, and if that doesn't help the itching, contact your doctor.

anne b
fiber glass is very bad for you the little fibras cut you also stick into your skin and they are very fine ,

Err.... fibre glass..abrasive ?? pain.. it all follows !!

dances with unicorns
Fiberglass is literally fibers of glass. You very likely have tiny slivers of the glass in your hands, and the stuff itches madly, not to mention irritating the skin. If it doesn't stop soon, you should contact your doctor about the best way to deal with the problem.

Fibreglas is an irritant, with the tiny slivers of glass getting into your skin. In addition to that, there are the chemical components of the fibreglas structure you were cutting, which are HIGHLY irritating to the skin and can cause industrial dermititis.

Wash the skin VERY thoroughly with soap and water several times.
Do NOT rub it.
the blisters on your hands are the result of the skin trying to flush OUT the chemical contamination and tiny glass fibres.

Whenever you handle fibreglas insulation or any fibreglas product, always wear gloves and a respirator if you are cutting or working in dusty conditions. Fibreglas FIBRES do NOT come out of your lungs.

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