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If you eat a lot of sugar will you get diabetes?

That's the cause of diabetes.
So, Yes.

not only you will get diabetes u will also get ur legs cutt off thats wut happened to my grandma so id becarful if i were u

nika p
you might, but you will also get worms...
....heart attack when older

yes its a fact studies have shown it

it's one of the contributing factors.

Dylan M

If you eat a lot of sugar and don't exercise you could be at risk for diabetes but eating a lot of sugar isn't the main cause of it.

Short answer, Yes!

Long answer: Possibly. Your pancreas regulates sugar in the blood stream. If too much sugar is taken in, your pancreas is overworked. Constantly stressing your pancreas, could damage it. Same way that smoking stresses your lungs by dirtying them and them having to clean themselves out, and if exposed for too long, you can possibly damage them too.

Sugar, especially man-made, is very damaging if taken in large quantities. The same way your liver can become damaged form too much alcohol (liver gets rid of toxins, such as alcohol), your pancreas can get damaged from abusing sugar.

A non-functioning pancreas that is unable to regulate sugar in the blood, is called diabetes.

Your pancreas creates a chemical called insulin, which feeds your body cells oxygen and sugar that flows through the bloodstream.

Once your pancreas no longer functions, there is no insulin to help feed your cells, including your nerve cells, which require sugar.

Oxygen attaches itself to sugar. That's how you get oxygen to the brain. If the pancreas is not functioning properly, no insulin, which means, no sugar in the cells, which means too much sugar in the blood, which means too much oxygen to the brain. That's a hyperglycemic coma. Hyper = too much, Glycemia = sugar.

If too much insulin (artificial by injection directly into the bloodstream) is used, the exact opposite effect occurs, and this is a hypoglycemic coma, or hypo for short. hypo = to little or under.

If there is too little sugar/oxygen content in the brain (which has the same effect as alcohol), you become "drunk", or slide in a hypoglycemic coma. This is one main reason why diabetics should not consume too much alcohol.

Diabetics who slip into a low blood sugar coma, need to replenish the sugar, that's why a lot of them always carry a glucose tube (sugar tube) or a can of pop/soda/coke with them.

My mother is a diabetic (hypo) and she always drinks orange juice whenever available since it's a natural sugar and less "junk" in it. Whereas soda, or pop contains acids and chemicals that can be harmful to the rest of the body and teeth.

Diet sodas will NOT work as there is no sugar to replenish the lack thereof in the body.

I hope this helps.

Michael B
Over a long period of time (years) probably so.


Eating sugar has nothing to do with diabetes. What you wanna be afraid of is eating 'white' food. Like rice, cauliflower, etc. They turn into sugar in your body. My late husband was diabetic, his stomach exploded and he passed away from a diabetic coma. If you think your diabetic, check with your doctor. Good luck.

maybe in the future. heredity has alot to do with it though

Cathy :)
Eating a lot of sugar continuously for years might give you type 2 diabetes. This is a kind of diabetes where your body is so used to heaps of insulin that it gets resistant to it, kinda like how if you have chicken pox once then you are resistant to it so don't get it next time. The best way to reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes is to eat healthy and stay healthy. No lifestyle changes will affect you getting type 1 diabetes (the kind people ususally develop when they're young) as this is an autoimmune disease (ie. totally different!). Hope that helps! xx

No. But if you eat too many calories and become overweight and do not exercise you increase your chances. Sugary foods have a lot of calories. Also, it has a tendency to run in families.

fay ryan
Not straight away and i'm not sure about progressive diabetes but it'd eventually lead to it along with obesity and just straight up being unhealthy and unfit. Why you would wanna eat alot of sugar has got me confused????


No, but you can get really sick.

not necessarily. it can be caused from being overweight though.

no but you can get fat


Paula F
Sugar is not the cause of diabetes, the body's inability to regulate insulin from the pancreas is what causes diabetes. There are risk factors and genetic tendencies. If you have known risk factors, a diet high in simple sugars can add to the risk that you will develop the disease.

Mr. Peachy®
Sugar doesn't cause diabetes. When my mother became diabetic in the sixties, the dumbass doctor said it was because of the candy she ate. BS. I quit sugar back then while I was a teenager. I became diabetic a few years ago when I was 52. It has nothing to do with sugar. It has more to do with consuming fats, (poor diet), sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, etc. Don't believe me, though. Read this...

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