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Will pot that I smoked 2 weeks ago show up on a drug test?
I have a drug test for work on Tuesday, 5-30. The last time I smoked (2 or 3 hits) was on 5-13. Do you think that I will pass my (probably urine) drug test?

Cheyanne M

dave w
yes, it will show up, thc (pot) will show up like 7 months after you have used it. it can be tested from urine and hair samples.

In most people pot can be found in a urin sample up to 3 weeks after it was used. Of course every single body is different. I've known people who have passed a test 5 days later and others who have failed a month later. If it doesnt work out lay off next time or at least till you pass the next one.


it could. Drink a lot of propel water, and try to sweat...It'll come out of your fat cells

Everyone bodies are different. It depends on a lot of things, especially your weight and your age. If you have a lot of fat cells (which is where THC is stored) than it will take longer for it to leave your body. Age also has something to do with it, as you get older your metabolism slows down making it slower to rid your body of those chemicals.

It stays in your system for a month or so. I would drink a ton of water and it may sound funny, but load up on creatine. I have done this before and it's worked. The excess creatine will show up on the test and not the THC.

I'd say you are about to be fired. That's fantastic news. It's very important to get rid of problem employees before they do something that generates expensive liabilities, or cause someone to be injured.

Here's a clue. Stop being a drug addict.

nope it will show for 30 days and if they do a hair line test thats when they take some of your hair they can tell when you last smoked

yes it is detectable up to four to five weeks it depends on your body

yes it will show up.


you betcha! the [delta-9]THC free-radical has an Eight day Half-Life. {see defination of half-life}

it depends on how much body fat you have (the more the worse) and how much you smoked before that, like everyday or once in a while. just drink a ton of water, especially that day so your urine will be almost clear and not that concentrated. good luck!

Better you tell them cos it will show up in a test!

Hehehe, read this:

Yes. It stays in your system for 28 days.

It depends on how many fat cells you have and how much water you drink per day.

Should be okay, I think it's only a few days to a week that it stays in your system.

yes, because smoking is a kind of drug.

Go to a headshop and get a flush drink or masking agent. That should ease your mind a bit. Until your piss test, drink a lot of water and cranberry juice and don't smoke.

Update your resume, you are about to get fired. Urine test will show pot for about 30 days. Blood and hair can go 6 - 12 months.

probably, its detectable in your system for over a month

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