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Why does my doctor prescribe predisone and antibiotics for bronchitis ?

Oral pretension is used to stop severe allergic reactions like asthma where sometimes it's the only thing that works. Do you use any steroid inhalers or take tablets?

My doctor only gives me tablets (I presume you are talking about prednisone tablets and not an inhaler) for emergencies. It's a bad to take the tablets for any prolonged period of time, but they beat the hell out of dying if you really need them.

You should see a doctor who specializes in cardio/pulmonary essays. They are usually up on the latest treatments for lung diseases. There are a lot of options. If your getting your treatment from your GP you should see a specialist and review your options.

I'm not a doctor, but if you have not seen a specialist in a few years it's a good idea to do so.

Pretension reduces the swelling in the lining of the bronchial tubes. Antibiotic is used as a preventive.

Bronchitis- Bronch=pertaining to the bronchus in the lungs
itis= edema or swelling

cause his your doctor just trust him

prednisone is an anti-inflammatory that will help clear up the inflammation in the bronchi that is contributing to the bronchi spasms and the mucus in reaction to the spasms..the antibiotic is because he may think you are in danger of the bronchitis going into pneumonia.

Booby Trap
Prednisone is an anti-inflammatory and prevents release of substances that cause inflammation. Antibiotics treat infection.

Happy go Lucky:)
Bronchitis is an infection in your air way, so that's why you need antibiotics. The predisone is a steriod that helps relax the airway.

That is a good question. But only your doctor can answer the question. There are lots of doctors who would not prescribe those things. So you best ask your doctor.

I have had recurring bronchitis just about every year for the past 45 years or more until this year. Many times the doctors I went to prescribed antibiotics. It didn't make any difference. If I took the antibiotics or didn't take them it took me just as long to get over the bronchitis.

Your doctor will probably say that he prescribed antibiotics just in case it helps, just in case your condition was caused by a bacterial infection and not a viral infection, etc. Anyway, see the 1st link below as to why doctors should not prescribe antibiotics for bronchitis.

Prednisone is prescribed to treat the inflammation associated with bronchitis which is an inflammatory condition & would be more likely to be prescribed if your bronchitis was diagnosed to be asthmatic-bronchitis. However, I believe that drugs are not the best choice. See the 2nd link below for side affects associated with this drug.

Personally I refuse to take any drugs and choose to research any and all alternatives first.

There are probably a number of non-drug treatments available but the one I read about just recently involves the use of an enzyme called serrapeptase which is reportedly effective for all inflammatory conditions like bronchitis. To read about this see the 3rd and 4th links below. Plus the 5th link provides a link where the enzyme is available for a lower price.

If you really want to get healthy read what it says about eating seafood at the last link.

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