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 What dangers does water in the lungs pose?
How do I know the extent if I have this? And what is the ready-made remedy besides seeing the doctor?...

 What to do if i have mucous?
i have a lot of mucous in my throght and i have had it there for awhile. i am afriad to swollow pills so i recommened not saying for me to. i am wondering if there is any trick i can do that will ...

 Does Smoking Tea Make Ur Lungs Black?
Does it ? or just cigs? im curious . its a weird question i know ^.^
and show proof or something so i can put ur a best answer.
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My friend Does it . i told her ...

 What does black dots mucus and foul smell in stool mean.?
i havent been well for 7 weeks.slight dizziness and unsteadiness when i walk.numb feelngn right hand and.the same in my face.blod tests and chest xray came back clear.Does this always mean something ...

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Would be interested in your own experiences.

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 Sleep apnea - doctor recommends having part of the soft palate removed - has any one had this done? Results?
My husband went to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor to discuss options to improve his quality of sleep and lessen his snoring. The doctor wants to perform a tonsillectomy, re-set his deviated septum, ...

 Im 12 and i have a 4 pack almost a six pack is that normal. helpppppp?

 Why is ppl smoking?
why does people smoke cigs ????
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i know all that but if you want to feel good then thak your gf ...

 My five months old son was diagnosed with Pneumonia 3 weeks ago. He got treatment but i doubt it is cured.?
now he sweats a lot at time i have to change him 2 to 3 times. anybody out there help me understand why he sweats this much?...

 How do you extract nicotine from a cigarette?

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we need only nicotine for our investigatory project...

so please!!! help me find the steps in extracting ...

 What is respiratory pneumonia? Is it lethal once set on?

 How to cough up phlegm?
I have a very painful cough that makes my chest & throat hurt. My body is also in a lot of pain. I can't sleep because sometimes my body hurts so much.

How do I cough up phlegm &...

 How can you treat halitosis?
stepp by step ...

 I got a urinary tract infection, is there..?
A way to make it hurt less while i wait for tomorrow to go to the doctor? I go it today D8...

 Snoring versus Sleep Apnea?
How bad is snoring on our general health? Is there any treatment for snoring?...

For about a litlle bit over a month now I have been having these urges that sometimes start with a tingling in the back of my throat and sometimes jus a natural urge to cough and its STILL GOING. I ...

 How can people smoke a pack of cigarettes a day?
I smoke 10 per day and it always amazes me as to how people can smoke a pack a day. If I smoked a pack a day, I would have to smoke at least once every hour.

How do heavy smokers do it ...

jay b
What is worse smoking crystal meth or snorting it?

80's kid
Do you like scabs and sores all over your face and body? Imagine what the inside looks like.

Steve O
Either one is very bad for you.Snorting meth would be worse for you then smoking meth. It would tear you nose apart with pain.
Try doing neither one.If you can quit now, live will get better for you.
I hope you are just asking for research purposes. I would hate to see you doing meth either way.
Good luck

Both it bad - smoking it will cause you to cough alot and mess up your vocal cords, snorting it will cause nose damage and cause the cartlage in your nose to burn and you may have many nose bleeds.

Pat S
As my husband who is a nurse said, "Dying from it."

Doing it all together. LOSERS

Chris K
Hm let's see....


the worst is injecting it into ur arm

Shari G
u should check this site out b4 u take another smoke or snort of meth http://www.drugfree.org/Portal/DrugIssue/Meth/index.html

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