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My Mum Is Refusing To Inject Herself With Insulin, What Should I Do?
She has to take alot of tablets in the morning and night not to mention injecting herself with insulin twice a day. She doesnt do any of them, she thinks that it is gods decision whether she dies or not.
Additional Details
She is 54 and her sugar levels are always sky high.

Gary B
It IS God's decision that she die. We ALL die. It is written: "... man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment," [Hebrew 9:27].

BUT . . .The timing of that death is God's work. By not taking the medications as instructed, she is attempting to take the decision out of God's hands and to put it into her own hands, and that is NOT God's decision.

In effect, she is committing suicide. By failing to treat a debilitating and fatal disease, she is ignoring God's wishes and substituting her own. It is suicide, just a surely as if she put a loaded gun to her head.

Suicide shows the ultimate distrust in God. God says that there is ALWAYS a way out of any situation, but you must trust Him to provide it. Suicide says, "Screw that! I"ll provide my own way out."

[I seriously doubt that God will provide a miraculous healing. I mean, obviously, she doesn't want that. But it is more liekely that it is God's will that she live through this experience, spreading the Gospel inspite of her illness.]

God will certainly honor her suicide --- she WILL be dead. But it will NOT be God's decision when she dies -- it will be hers, due to her ignorance and inaction. This act becomes WILLFUL DISOBEDIENCE to God's will. Clearly a deep and heinous sin.

Worse, it is a sin directly and only against God. As you know, sin is what separates us from God. How ironic that suicide is meant to take us into His presence, yet the very act causes a sin which separates us from Him. Oh, how little we humans understand the ways of God . . . .

As most of us know, it is God's will that we LIVE. He gave His son so that we could have eternal life. God does not ask us to DIE for Him, He ask us to LIVE in order to spread the Gospel.

We are ALL going to die -- that is unquestionable. Your mother (and me) is going to die because of diabetes -- everybody dies for a reason. But your mother wants to determine her own time of death, and that is against God's will, because the time of death is God's realm, not ours.

Taking the time of death into our own hands is sinful, and that sin separates us from God. Therefore, your mother's failure to properly adhere to her treatment dishonors God's plan for her, and will end up separating her from God, instead of allowing Him to take her into His presence according to HIS WILL.

What should you do? You need to contact her clergy with your concerns. Maybe they can show her the error of her ways.

Mc L
O man

tell her she needs it

tell her if she wants to live or live for u then she needs it.

also call some one else
because many times a person can understand and do and also agrees to do what outsiders tell instead of relatives.

Rob W
admit her to a hospital or sumthing

Tell her to knock off the crap, get up off her *** and start exercising. She can control her diabetes with diet and exercise.

Make up some risk taking behavior to share with her. Let her know you are driving drunk or some other risky behavior, when she complains compare it to her risky behavior and tell her it is gods will if you live or die. See how she takes that.

Otherwise, cut her off. Cut off contact. Tell her you don't approve of what she is doing, but if she wants to be irresponsible and die, that is her choice, not gods, and you won't have any part of it. Tell her to get busy making her own funeral arrangments now because you will not take care of it once she is gone.

Ryan C
Call someone dude ! the doctor or any source of help for her ?!

Force her to go and see a doctor, and have it explained in very simple terms what will happen if she refuses. Refusing to take insulin if you're a diabetic is practically suicide. It will seriously damage her, in time. I strongly recommend talking to her, cry if it'll help but get her to take her medication!

Tell her she is a selfish moron and that God has decided to give her Diabetes instead of kill her. She has the means to take care of herself. Before she dies, she may lose her eyesight and have some amputations. I can't imagine she wants to live like that either, just because she's stubborn and lazy.

I also have a mother with Diabetes, I couldn't imagine the worry you must go through.

Take her to the doctors and together (maybe with a few others that love her) try and persuade her otherwise, kind of like an intervention. Explain how her not looking after herself she is hurting those around her.

She sounds like a religious woman, so maybe let her know that what she is doing is a form of pseudo-suicide (albeit a very slow one) and that is a sin.

Thats crazy! my mom has diabetes also. But try to keep her diet away from sugary foods. also, try a b-12 shot for energy. And if she refuses to take insulin, try doing it in her sleep, i have had to do that a couple times.
also, keep her some crackers in her purse, just incase her sugar drops, she can have something to eat to bring it up

if she doesn't like going to the hospital, i can remind her that it will be the only thing that you can do when she passes out. you can't just let her be because then society will say you didn't do enough.
hopefully you can use choice and consequence that way.

you should try to keep her away from ALL sugary stuffs. talk her round this, ask her why she must put herself through this not-taking-medicine thing and limit her from tidbits. she should not drink too much water too.

if she refuses to take medications still, bring her to the doctor, and the doctor might refer her for some counselling too.

get her to the doctor, and he can maybe prescribe an easier way for her to take these meds

Daft One
She has the right to refuse medicine.

But if you think she might be a danger to herself then maybe you could call the hospital (or call her doctor) and get advice from them.

I've worked in nursing homes for many years and one of the Rights of the residents is that they have the right to refuse care and treatment. The right to refuse medicine, and the right to refuse food. I know your mom is not in a nursing home, but it is still her right to refuse is she chooses. Unless you can prove that she is unable to make decisions for herself.

I hope you can make her understand how important the insulin is, and if she does not take it then she'll be murdering herself.

If she is extremely religious, you could tell her that "not taking the meds will result in her murdering herself. If she commits suicide she'll not go to heaven"..you could give her that line if you want to.

God Bless

unfortunately it is your mums decision at the end of the day and if she is religious then she will believe it shall be gods will,
all you can try to do is plead with her to do it for your family's sake maybe try going to the doctor and explaining the situation and a family intervention always shakes people up a bit!
hope your mum gets better!

Ellen S
get her help!
God is not going to let someone get sick or die, he has people on the Earth like doctors to help people like your Mother

Alie like Fire
she is going to die very soon. That is the plain and simpe truth.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Tell her that god knows when were gonna die, but he gave us freedom of choice, and freewill. If we want to kill ourselves we will.

Your best bet is to get a religious leader of your community to help with the counseling on this.

God didn't allow these drugs to be developed to be ignored.

But she is an adult and as much as you love her and want to keep her, she doesn't want to learn to live with this and doesn't want to live this way, so there is not much you can do. If your religious leaders can't convince her to take the meds, have a memorial service to celebrate the life she has had with her in attendance.

Get in touch with another family member or her doctor and have them talk to her. You can talk to her and others can talk to her but the final decision is hers and I hope that she changes her mind.

I know exactly what your mom is going through because I went through it too. It is called being in denial. I ate what I wanted, did not take my medications for a long time. Finally, my kids got through to me when we all had a long talk. Get your family together with your mom and have a calm, serious talk with her. Let her know that not taking care of herself is going to make her very ill. This is going to affect all of you and let her know that it would be very difficult and painful if you have to go on without her. Tell her about all the things in you and your families life she will be missing. Weddings, graduations, grandchildren...everything. It may take her a little while, it did me. But finally I realized what I would be doing to my family, what a burden I could become, what I would miss out on. If you have to, take her to the doctor and have the talk there, the doctor can have a medical input as to what your mom could go through. Yelling is not the way, it will take understanding. She will get through it. Many people that have incurable diseases go through denial phases. Diabetes is a very manageable disease, and a diabetic these days can live as long as people that don't have diabetes if they take care of themselves. It is not a death sentence.Have her sign up for some diabetic educational classes. That will help her understand things and show her how to manage it. Hope I could help some. Good luck.

I see from your profile that you are in your mid teens. I know it must feel terrible but trying to force her to take action is probably not going to work.

With high sugar levels she will feel really tired and possibly depressed anyway at the moment.

Does she have friends or adult family who she's close to? You could explain your worries to them and maybe ask if they'd have a word with her doctor or diabetes nurse or your mum herself.

From her statement about God's will, I'm wondering if she's involved in a church or religious group. Again, you could confide your fears to someone appropriate there – vicar, priest or the like.

Any of these people should be in a position to know how best to get your mum some help. And they may be able to offer guidance on how you should react to it all.

This isn't something you can do all by yourself. But by raising your concerns with other adults who are close to her, they should be in a better position to offer her support and, I hope, reassure you that you've done as much as you can.

I really hope it works out. Sometimes diabetics do get really down about things, but usually (especially with a little bit of help from the doctors and friends etc) they'll come out of it again. And if you continue to be concerned, don't be afraid to make an appointment with the doctor yourself and explain what's worrying you. You may then get some good guidance about whether your fears are well founded or if you're worrying too much.

Good luck anyway.

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