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 Why should the government have to pay to cure a smokers lung cancer?
especially with our contemporary society's wide knowledge of the risks
Additional Details
Im all for cancer research, but government funded treatment should be saved to those ...

 I just found out my mom has cancer!?
No one exactly told me this,but im 99% posotive that its true.I was going through some papers[i know,im nosy],and I saw the words "malignant tumor" right next to her name.So now I dont know ...

 Weed or tobacco?
which is worse for you?...

 Would you rather?
Die of cancer
Get ...

 This is the horror story of my experience at the Oregon Clinic what is your opinion of it.?
Please follow the link to look at my article on my experience at The Oregon Clinic. I know that there is not much I can do but what would you do if it were you.


 If someone has small cell lung cancer that has metastisized and liver, how long do they have?

 People who have gotten the shot for cervical cancer: DOES IT HURT? like really bad?
my moms friend's niece just got hers and she said it hurt like hell. my stepsister got the same shot and she said the pain moved from one spot to another.

i havent gotten it yet but ...

 Any one living or living cancer free of ALL Leukemia?
My boyfriend was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia last month.
He is being prepped for a BMT.

The interenet is a scary place, when your researching about
this cancer. So I am ...

 How do cell phones cause brain tumors?

 Why at 27 do we get cancer? never smoked, don't drink only water, and am a veggie.?
found lump on neck, took doctor and hospital 1year to decide I need treatment, told one day,in the next for operation. what do I do next?...

 Is leukemia treatable?
my friend has leukemia and i just wanna know if its treatble or not cuz i might not see him again :(

P.S. if its not treatable please tell me ...

 My sister in law doesn't think u can get mouth cancer?
my sister in law doesn't think u can get mouth cancer , can u ? and what r the caousible ways?...

 Do you think that we could do a "Yahooo Day", in support of Cancer Research? All we need to do is committ!

 What does it means if a woman gets breast cancer in the left breast?
have any one heard if you get cancer in the left breast then means if your bitter or ...

 What to do?
I am 29 years old. I had breast reduction surgery 9 years ago. Last week I found a lump in one of my breast, went to the doctor and she ordered a mammogram and ultrasound. My doctor said it may be ...

 Would it be possible for a plant to get cancer?
this is just one of those random thoughts that popped into my head in work ...

 How old do u have to be to get breast cancer?

 My dad has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?
He just told us and he has already begun radiation treatment. He gets treatment thru the VA and his English is limited so he has told us he doesnt completely understand the diagnosis, just that it ...

 What is cancer?

 Cutting down on cigarettes VS quitting.?
Something I have not heard alot about is the positive effect of cutting down on cigarettes.
I have cut down to just having a few cigarettes when I come home from work (around 9) and do not smoke ...

Is there a place I can get affordable life insurance for someone who is terminally ill?
and not expected to live for another year? If not how am I suspose to pay when I have no money?
Additional Details
The person who is ill is mi mother. I don't want her to die. My uncle who was basically the "father figure" all mi life just died last month and watching that happen, knowing it will be my mom soon has me terrified. I'm not being selfish. I have no income because I'm taking care of her bed pans every hr. and mi grandmothers too. I have no way to pay for her funeral. She only has 2 thousand in the bank. When she is gone I have to take care of mi 14 y/o sister too so it isn't like I'm benefiting from any of this. And I'm selfish? I'm 23 living the life of an old lady taking care of 2 people who aren't going to be around much longer. I don't want to do this. I'd rather leave and come back after the matter but I can't. If I do then no one will take care of them. So before you call me selfish maybe you should find out a lil more information 1st. I'm just worried about how I'm going to pay for everything. Thanks to all of you who had a legitimate response.

What a terrible thing to think of when someone you love is dying. Quit being so selfish and trying to turn a profit off someone elses misfortune! Thank God you are not my loved one!

No that would be insurance fraud! It isn't up to you to pay. It comes out of their estate and if they don't have any money you can donate their body to science for free.

You may be able to start a preplanned funeral. They are required by law to honor it even if it is not payed by the time of death.

Your other option is to take a loan or put it on a credit card when the time comes.

Manulife insurance

i have heard that GardenState takes patients who are terminal.
i myself have been looking for someone to cover me. even if my daughter was old enough to ask around about this i wouldnt be upset
i dont want to leave my husband and daughter without anything you not being selfish because MANY patients who find out there terminal in young ages are searching for help with $$$

no i don't think you selfish,you don't say where you come from if it the uk then i could give you the name of afew occ benificary agencies who can help....has the dr given you a time expectancy for your mum cos terminal cancer can be along time these days,so you may be able to take insurence out,but you going to have to see the insurence company dr...good luck hun being a carer one haredest things in the world when you love someone...your feeling are normal and natural....have you spoken to any carers organizations

Kirsten W
if you are already terminally ill no life insurance company will insure you unfortunately.

its like buying a car if you KNOW its going to crash 10 mins down the road.

its all about risk analysis - they will see u as too high a risk

Mike A
sorry for the situation you find yourself in. please remember that insurance companies are in business to make money, not help people. it's doubtful you will find any affordable.

Unfortunately there are no life insurance companies who will cover someone who is terminally ill. It doesn't work that way.

Why don't you consider other options. If you are next of kin go to you state or county social services. They have programs for burial assistance for indigent. (someone who doesn't have the means to pay for services)

You can also try church or other charities in your area. I was in the military when my sister died. I used a service charity to help with some of the expense. There are interest free loans, and grants to low income families. Type "burial assistance" in your search engine. You may also have to type your state to narrow it down. God bless.

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