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Carla m.
I'm sick, how to get better fast???
so i have a cold. and its all nice and sunny outside and i want to get well as soon as possible because im gonig on vacation in two days.i have a bad cold and every time i stand up or walk i get dizzy.so i was wondering if there are any tips on how to get rid of my cold ??? THANK YOU!!

Samrina J
First thing's first. Don't attempt to take different types of medication in hope that one will help you recover. And if you're one of those people that take sweets (e.g cough sweets) try and lay off them too.

Drink a lot of liquids, (preferably soft drinks-like orange juice) so you can flush down some of the viruses in your stomach.

And steam your face with boiled water, it really does help to unblock the nose and clear the throat.

Hope you feel better soon =]


Yes, you will need close to 100 dollars though and a good place to buy organic supplies.

Go to a store and buy some EMERGEN-C and drink one packet every day. Get the immune booster kind.

Ok, the second thing you can get is a product by GAIA HERBS called Whole Body Defense, but they make an immune system defense system that is amazing. it helps you get through being sick and you take some 20 pills in two days to fight the cold off. It's awesome and I can only say good things about it. See if you ccan find it locally.

Best of luck,


Garlic is good. Vitamin C will help. Mostly - drink LOTS of water (or orange juice) to flush the germs out of your body. Good luck - I hope you are feeling better soon.

Nick H
rest!!!! take it easy these two days and I promise you will feel better before vacation.

SillySarah, giggles.
i was just sick. dont drink any soda. or dairy products!
just have the following

orange juice... good because of the vitamin c
7 up, gingerale.
(im sure theirs more but thats all i can think of)

stay in bed!
and stay away from the t.v computer.!,

take your daily vitamins. and if your head hurts take a Warm rag and place it on your head. if your stomach hurts. and you have a cat put the cat on your stomach that helps.

i hope you feel better soon. i no being sick can really be a pain.


drink lots of water and take some medicine =] also get a long sleep in before your vacation.

vitamin C

N. P
drink plenty of fluids

Keith B
Take about 500mg of vitamin C every 6 hours....Be good as new in 2 days.

ok are you ready get some zinc pills at drug store take them (not all of them at once ) what ever the bottle says then sit out in the sun and wala gone in no time

drink lots of water and orange juice (vitamin C is very good for immune system so flushes out colds), get lots of rest, stay warm. thats the basics, if you have a temperature take paracetemol as this will bring down your temperature. hot drinks are really good aswell as soup so i hope you get well soon!

claire b
Ack - you must feel like I do then? I have the cold just now, and I am drinking hot juice, and in bed all cozy. Trouble is, I get too hot and have to get up. Try menthol crystals to breathe in - that will clear your nose and help you get rid of icky stuff. I have heard that a cold takes a week to come, a week to stay, and a week to go - but maybe its just an old wifes tale.

Lets hope we get better soon - where are you going on holiday?

Drink lots of water. If you are laying down and get up too quickly you may be getting dizzy. Sit on the side of the bed or sofa before you stand up so your blood pressure can equalize (or you may have an ear infection?)

i palindrome i
Raw garlic. It's disgusting, yes, but I have knocked out colds in a day with it. It's powerful stuff and inexpensive.

Cut it up in small pieces and have a cold sweet drink to wash down the individual pieces.

When your finished, do your friend n family a favor and brush yo teefs!

What I do when I get sick and need to get better quick is REST!!! Sleep it off and try and sweat it out. I put some sweats on get under the covers take some nyquil, drink some oj and sleep for the whole day. The next day you should feel alot better.

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