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 Something is wrong with my vision or eyes?
Im only 13 years old so dont blame me cuz i dont know what heppened. When i went to the pool today and put my eyes in the water and opened them they burned. When i got home my vision was sorta blurry,...

 I can make myself see double?
I can make myself lose focus on an object, so its like I kinda see double of the object im looking at. My one eye will go off to the side and look one way while my other eye will look streight ahead. ...

 My contacts lenses are being subborn..........?
Ok I had no problem getting them in and taking them out at the doctors ,but geez it took me at least 10 mins to get them in this morning !!!! Is there a simpler way????????????...

 Serious eye and contact question?
i went to the optomitrist yesterday. he said that due to lack of oxygen, my cornea is growing blood vessels in it. he says that once the blood vessels cover my cornea, it would do permanent eye ...

 What religon dont allow surgery of any kind.?

 Good food for your eyes?

 Random question!! eyes?
what colour eyes do people have? i know its a random question..
are green eyes less popular?...

 Help!!!!! someone who is a experiences glasses use, or anyone who know the answers to these ?
I use my glasses when i read books or any text or if i am using the computer or watching t.v.. sometimes my eyes kind of feel fuzzy and kind of hurt a little when i am reading or using computer or ...

 If you put visin on right before you do something to make your eyes red will they stay white?

 Is it possible for someone eye color to change?
i used to have very dark brown eyes then just a few days ago my mom noticed that my eyes became lighter n i checked n i saw thet my eyes had changed color to a more lgther brown still pretty dark but ...

 Eye exam and contact lenses?
first of all, i need glasses..and im planning to tell my mom soon(she knows that i dont have perfect visions,and that my eyes are not THAT bad)..but as years passed by, but eyes are getting worse and ...

 I do not have vision insurance and I need glasses/contacts. What is a cost efficient yet safe option?
I want to make an appointment with an optometrist and am not sure what the costs are going to come out to for an appoitment and for glasses and contacts. Also, I do not know whether or not to use a W...

 Can you wear contact lenses in the shower?
I recnetly got contact lenses (dailies) and I was wondering if it's ok if they get wet? T...

 Eye pain anyone?
I get eye pain and left sided headaches when I look to the left. I saw 2 doctors , got a cat scan , and saw an eye specialist. I got nothing. Been going on for 2 months. I can avoid this problem by ...

 Have I Got an Eye problem? please help?

Basically, Where ever is look i see black flickery bits ( not 'floaters' but i mean they dont go away EVER) and most of the time theres a faint block outline of something in ...

 If your contacts are in wrong do they still move with your eye?

 Why is it important to clean your contact lenses before putting them in during the morning?

 Am I becoming farsighted?
I was looking at my globe today, and had a lot of trouble because the European countries are written really small, and I couldn't see them if the globe was too far away from my eyes. But if I ...

 Feeling dizzy staying at computer for a long time?
i can't help feeling dizzy after while doing work in front of my computer for quite sometime

my right eye's power is 800. astigmatisme 50

my left eye's power is 65...

 I'm getting contacts but need a few answers?
first of all is it really hard getting the hang of touching your eye?
second of all which contacts have you found to be the best?
and third of all can you get a pair of prescription color ...

Sharon B
How long does it take for your eyes to shrivel up after you die?
in other words if you are in the casket for viewing they can't use your real eyes or could they?

haley g
i saw someones eyes when they died..it was white..not fully open but it wasnt really closed either, but their mouth is open which is freaky..

rock star
I'm glad i logged on here now i really wanna know that one
why cant i think of questions like this
I'm not taking the piss I'm impressed

why would you want to see the eyes. they are closed in the coffin.
i know the eyes are the window to your soul but it would be creepy seeing someones eyes open dont you think

doodlebop xx
i dont even wanna know

Thats what i like - a nice morbid question.

Your eyes begin to sink in a week after death and anyway in the casket, your eyes are closed mate.

Um, yeah, you're "real" eyes are definitely used. We simply place something similar to a contact lens over the eye to keep the defined shape, although there is usually only very minor changes in the shape of the eye, nothing noticeable.

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