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How can i get rid of this cold related headache?
i have had a lemsip at 5pmish and it hasnt done much what else can i do?

the headache is making me feel worse.
having a sleep isnt an option.

I suffer regularly from Sinusitis. Take Ibuprofen or Amoxicillin, these can be bought over the counter and drink lots of warm liquid, chicken soup is a real head clearer. Don't use nasal degongestants, this may inflame your sinuses worse than they already may have become. Good Luck


This is not a joke.

Have a bottle of strong lager.

My wife swears by it.

Sinus Tablets...It will help release the pressure.

I get migranes and it took me forever to reach for the allegra first before the tylenol...

What a difference!

Country Music Lover _x7x_
Oh I have the same thing right now!! At first I was taking Tylenol and Benylyn,but the Benylyn wasn't helping so I switched to Robitussin.It's great! I just used Robitussin for the first time yesterday and my cold's 95% gone now already!Of course,I had a cough so I don't know if you do or not,but for the headache take a Tylenol extra strength every 4 hours :)

What is a lemsip? Try good ol fashion Sudafed. It's the sinus pressure that's giving you the headache.

Take 3 paracetamol instead of 2.

Always works for me.

take tylenol, it helps with any cold symptoms, there is tylenol cold tabs....

John's Secret Identityâ„¢
It's from pressure building up in your sinuses. Take a decongestant as suggested by others. Or, if decongestants raise your blood pressure too much like they do mine, try an expectorant like mucinex to at least thin the mucus and let it drain easier.

As always when self-medicating, compare ingredients to make sure you're not double-dosing anything.

A hot steamy shower or other source of warm humidity will help thin things out too, as will a saline nasal spray.

Just for the record: Amoxicillin is an antibiotic and can't be bought over the counter unless you're in Mexico or somewhere else where few can afford doctors.

Neil K
don't need to sleep, just hide your head under the bed clothes or a housecoat. Effectively, you need to keep the heat in your body. Heat escapes fastest from your help. It will relieve the headache and you will begin to feel better. You will be better able to fight the cold. Even better with a partner?

Stevie G
Get boiling water straight from kettle and pour in bowl , put a towel over your head and breath in vapour through your nose . This should de-congest your airways and stop your cold related head-ache. If you have any lemons put them in water.

take sudofed which is a decongestant, you can also take Ibuprofen (Nurofen) while taking lemsip but not paracetamol. try to avoid alcohol while taking sudofed.

Aleve really works for me on headaches. Try it, if you can.

Im not sure if Im spelling this right but ECHNICEA. get some, its fantastic!
I used to suffer for ages with cold etc, but now I just take a couple of these and a proper stormer of a flu will clear up in just a couple of days!
Also drink lots of water, dehydration is one of the biggest causes of headaches!

Sally J
Perhaps your sinuses are blocked. You could try a cold remedy with a decongestant or the cold remedy AND a decongestant - but check the paracetamol content.

Boots do their own version of a decongestant tablet which works for me.

If you cannot get this right now, fill a bowl with very hot (not quite boiling) water, add some menthol/olbas oil/vicks if you have some - if not, keep it plain - put a towel over your head and your face over the bowl - BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCALD YOURSELF - inhale the steam for a few minutes. This should help to loosen things up. Repeat several times during the evening. If possible, get some fresh air and don't sit in a stuffy, overheated environment - this makes it worse. Leave your bedroom window open a little tonight too.

If it doesn't clear up in a couple of days, see your doctor - you may have a sinus infection and I KNOW this is the most miserable thing in the world - having had numerous operations to clear my sinuses.

Put the kettle on!!!!

Try Sinutab - works for me every time. It's a decongestent and painkiller so it will help.

Hi, i constantly suffer from headaches so i know the feeling. i would suggest, focusing on the pressure point to relieve the pain. E.g. just at the bridge of your nose your index finger and thumb on either side and push up towards your eyes. this will clear your sinuses which in turn will relieve your headache. Hope ive helped?!

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