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Extemely tired, not hungry, just want alcohol, what is wrong with me?
I have to fight to stay awake past 8pm, I know I should eat a meal when I get home from work but can't be bothered, when I return to work after my lunch break I'm always cold and tired and at night I crave cider (not any other alcohol, just cider), but I am making sure that I limit my intake to my days off. I feel teary, but if something strikes me as funny I can laugh for hours. I only feel really happy when I am away from both home and work. What is wrong with me?

too much cider???
or not enough
I hope you drink white cider, try white magic, like wine, but better

Ox HeartBroken xO
it sound like your depressed, go to the doctors , & they will help you

Shelli, Taz the Rottie's mum
Your blood sugar is low. Look it up. It makes ya feel like that. Get something to eat, you will feel much better! promise

it could be thyroid problems you have why not call into your doctor but you should stop drinking alchol now

alice in wonder bra
It sounds like you may have a form of depression,don't waste time looking for the answers on-line, go and see a doctor and get a professional opinion.Don't worry I think you have a very common condition. Best wishes.

You have got into bad habits, maybe because you are a bit stressed or depressed. (Also, the lifestyle you describe would have a negative effect on your moods so it is a vicious circle.)

speaking to your doctor about it
going on holiday for 2 weeks and not drinking
confiding in a close friend or family member

I hope you feel better soon.

the quiet storm
you sound a wee bit like the previous person b-4 you. sweetie you are a alcoholic. and you are doing your liver some serious damage. its merely an escape from the pressures of everyday life. when life gets to be a little more than we can bear,some of us escape through drugs, liquor or other dangerous addiction's. you need to understand that you are not alone. there is nothing wrong with you that others have not already been through, and are currently dealing with.the problem occurs when you know you need help and do nothing, to obtain it. you're tired and not hungry because your body needs nutrition, and you're giving it nothing to work with. armed with this information, its time for you to verify your condition and to seek proper counseling. good luck

You sound like a uni student!!

You need some medication for depression or anxiety. When I was depressed & had anxiety all I could do was crave alcohol. After I started zoloft & lorazepam I went back to normal & felt wonderful again.

Sue F
There could be many factors for this. You could be suffering from depression or be Bi -Polar, both of which can be treated with some medical help and counseling, as well as life style changes.

You are using the drug of choice, hard cider, as a type of self-medication.

If you are only truly happy away from work and home, you need to be making some changes to improve things. Find a different, less stressful job and move forward.

You are ruining your health by trying to live on alcohol, and your body will soon start protesting and shouting down because of it. Go onto the Alcoholics Anonymous website in order to get some helpful suggestions.

could be depression,anxiety probably work related.sounds like you want to escape from work and home.I'd tell your g.p. these feelings about wanting to be away from work and home.Drink is what you are using to try and hide these feelings or more importantly the root cause/reason you feel like this,its a way of "coping" but its not tackling the real reason you feel like you do.Tell yr doctor everything he should help you find out whats at the bottom of it.Dont worry its not that unusual you'll feel better tackling it honestly.Good Luck

you may be bi-polar and that is treatable

you have a serious mental psychological problem, see a consultant. you have a combination of depression and anxiety. you are maybe alcohol addict.

The things we crave in our diet are the things our body finds poisonous. Our bodies built up a tolerance of these poisons and as the poisons wear off we get a 'craving' feeling.

Ignore these cravings. Go cold turkey.

Also. I have suffered from chronic fatigue and depression for years. Recent research of mine has suggested that it is the foods I am eating that has been responsible. I quit eating bread and pasta, and all things with wheat in them and I am feeling better, day by day. If I forget myself and eat some bread, after a couple of days I am feeling just as bad as I ever did.

So try the healthy eating regime. Plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. Drink water and fruit juices. No tea or coffee and definitely no alcohol.

And get a little fresh air and exercise.

Doctors are not the best people to see. They will immediately assume you have depression, without looking any deeper and will prescribe a drug. If that one doesn't work, they will prescribe another, ad infinitum. They are not trained in health and nutrition.

You sound like you are depressed and have anxiety problems. Cheer up and relax. Hang out with some friends. Focus on the good things in your life.

I am obviously no doctor but sounds like it could be either depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. Or a thyroid issue, that will make you sleepy and cold at crazy times. Go talk to a doc

Sounds to me like your depressed, you are in control of your alcohol intake which helps, as it is a depressive. Go see your Dr as soon as, it will advise what you need to do, re meds and or counselling. : )

Sounds like a classic case of depression, buddy. I would make an appointment with your doctor.

Sounds like you might be depressed, talk to your doctor.

Or maybe just try to cut the alcohol out alltogether for about a week and just drink a lot of water and try to eat as much as you can. Just try to cleanse your system of the alcohol.

I take every August off from drinking and I feel great in September.

Sounds like depression to me. See your doctor it is treatable

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