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 I took a blood test and my ast score was 51 and my alt score was 68 what does this mean?

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also my glucose was121 please explain....

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 I have chest pain on left from last five years.ecg report are clear. iam 58. what will be reason?
my BP reaport renge 130/82. no problem of breathing....

 Why do drugs creat diseases that doctors make a profession?
out of which cost most people their lives and hard earned retirement money, house, car, food and sanity. Thank You.
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Their work environment carries the diseases that ...

 Taking blood pressure medicine and very low heart rate?
I am taking high blood pressure medicine and the kind i'm taking does slow your heart rate down, but I feel tired all the time and feel nervous alot. My heart rate was 46 a minute ago.

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 What does a heart attack feel like?
Experiences only please.
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"In my case I had a sensation of an elephant standing on my chest..."

In the center of the chest?...

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 State assistance for someone ill ?
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 If you are a doctor what is the procedure for treating someone whos had a suspected heart attack?
im writing a short story and my charecter is a doctor who has to treat a patient who has had a heart attack so i need information on this....

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 Taking a deep breath - ECG?
If you take a deep breath during an ECG test, will it affect the results?...

 If a blood clot in the femoral vein of the lower left limb breaks loose where is it most likely to go?

 Help Me Health Problem?
whenever i get excited or i hace some kind of fear it feels like my heart has exerted pressure, however i have done my ecg X-ray and blood test the results show that i am fine but i also feel as if ...

Michael V
What is the relationship between pulse and blood pressure?

Pulse is your heartbeat and blood pressure is the rebounding of the blood returning from heart.

Pulse is defined as total number of heart beats per minute. Blood pressure is defined as the pressure exerted by the blood against the arteries of the body.

One relationship would be that if your blood pressure falls to compensate the pulse will increase and vise versa. This is to help keep your tissue oxygenated

keep in mind the following equation:

blood pressure=(stroke volume x heart rate) x total peripheral resistance

with this in mind....
1) keeping all things the same, if you increase heart rate, BP increases and vice versa
2) a decrease in BP due to either reduction in peripheral resistance or stroke volume would lead to an increase HR to maintain BP
3) sometimes an increase in HR leads to a decrease in BP because stroke volume is compromised much more due to less blood entering the heart with each heart beat

The pulse you feel is really blood forcing its way through an artery. The feel of a pulse can be attributed to blood pressures. Think of the blood pressure as the force behind what it takes to move that blood. Blood pressure is actually controlled by many factors like: The elasticity of the blood vessels, the amount of blood volume, the diameter of the blood vessels, the force and volume that the heart is pumping, the amount of blood vessels in the body. The latter will increase if you gain weight. In general the greater the blood pressure the more work the heart do to supply that blood.

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