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Is drinking Coca-Cola everyday bad for you?

well it depends on how much and if its diet or regular cause nothins totally good for you

It's loaded with sugar....it's unnecessary

I hate to admit it but yes it is lol I used to drink it everyday now i have a glass or two a week since i stopped drinking it everyday I have lost weight and I actually feel healthier!

Coke will take the rust off of a nail if you leave the nail in a glass of coke over night. Think of what it does to your insides.

It is also made with high fucrose corn syrup which what happens to sugar when it has been cooked as far as it can go. This means that your body cannot break this substance down and it will just stay in your body as fat.

Drink a coke every once in a while but not every day. Try juice or WATER.

If you need the caffine burst try coffee or tea.

my grandpa had a heart attack
he was only drinking it everyday for about 3 years
i know, its a bummer



Adi S
Think about it like this. Pouring coke into a rusty toilet cleans the rust off. Imagine what it's doing to your stomach! If I were you, I wouldn't, drink it every day. It's bad for your body and especially your teeth.

I've seen weirder than me
yea just like any kind of soda/pop you have to drink in moderation

actually any kind of pop is bad to drink at all mostly because if you have caffeine everyday it starts to eat away at you brain caffeine is bad 10 years of sraight is almost worse than drugs

Depends on how much you drink per day.A can a day for instance,is not bad.But consuming large amounts everyday can lead to heart disease.The drink hinders your bodys ability to absorb calcium.Now,if you were drinking back in the day when coca cola first came out,then yes bad,bad,bad!Did you know that coca cola used to put cocaine as part of the ingredient?Talk about having a coke and a smile!

lala 16
Yes. Drinking any kind of soda all the time is bad for you.

phuk it dude
it will make you fat.

yes it really is. i gave up coke 2 yrs ago :) its hard tho, nothing tastes lyke soda. i tried 2 make my sister stop by telling her it burns holes in her kidneys but i dont think thats true. lol
Soda is acid though. Check the ingrediants and you can see that it is nothing good for you, as well as the fact that it is high in carbs and calories. Try to cut back.


Yup. The sugar level equals 16 tablespoons. The soda can eat meat (imagine what it can do to your stomach)!

We rarely (if ever) drink soda. I buy bottled water (lead in our pipes), get Monster or Rock Star for my son, we make tea and coffee, and drink Kool-aid. My son loves chocolate milk, and I encourage that.

yes itll rot your teeth cause of all the acid

<< x man united fan x &gt;
yh there are 10 spoon fulls of sugar in every bottle.

just stick a penny in a cup of the stuff for a couple of days and wa la, you will have your answer.
I personally drink a few a day, anyway...cuz I figure Eat, Drink and be Merry cuz i'm gonna die eventually anyway.

thats like saying is it bad for you to stab urself in the eye with a uncooked kipper!

If you only have 4 oz or so and you still drink water, milk and juices, it won't hurt you but a steady diet of it can dissolve your bones.

yep, you know it.

u can become really fat

it is very bad for you because it has a lot of sugar and that sugar can build up and add fat to your body where you dont want it to be fat, thighs, hips, butt, stomach. you know

buffalo jill
Yes it is....very bad. High sugar and carbs

High fructose corn syrup is bad is any amount, so yes.

hmm...i wonder.



YES.It's horrible for you, and not just because of the calories and sugars. You are, just like with every other soft drink, attacking your nervous system and filling your body with chemicals. Drinking them daily leads to heart attacks, seizures obviously obesity and many other health complications. Nothing against you though, because millions of Americans do drink these every day and dont have the common sense to stop and ask themselves why they are filling themselves with hazardous chemicals that are fit for science experiments, not to drink.

Mary C
It is bad for your kidneys if you drink to much the problem is what is to much

yea. too much sugar. drink more water...especially with summer coming up.

IS filling your gas tank with sand bad for your car?

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