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Has anyone heard of a hospital not wrapping broken ribs?
June of 2006 I fell off a roof and broke my right shoulder, left arm resulting in surgery and multiable broken ribs. Salina Regional Health, a hospital in Salina, Ks never wrapped or administered any type of first aid to my Ribs. I have never healed from that injury. I now don't have insurance do to a divorce. I thought a rib belt or at least a ace bandage should have been protocall.

you cant wrap broken ribs , they have to heal on there own. you can try rotating hot and cold packs and see if that works .

use to be the norm on broken ribs but a lot of times now they say its better to let them heal naturally. however it would depend on how bad they were broken.

alot of hospitals don't.

Why because when ribs are wrapped they put pressure on the ribs and if you cough it can cause the rib or ribs to stab you in the lung. then you have a more serious problem in which you can die from. I personally would rather have them un wrapped.
At least this is what my grandma told me.

sunshine 69
The hospitals do not wrap ribs anymore because the doctors found that wrapping the ribs tight in a bandage actually causes the ribs to heal improperly. They found that just leaving the ribs alone allows the bones to fuse together better


thats for pain releif

Yes, I was the one didn't wrapped my broken clavicle bone on right hand shoulder,cost me at $300.00 for doctor consultations,lucky at my young aged ,I have bought health and hospital's insurances,hospital charged at $5000.00 for surgury,without putting pain killer medicines,because I was wake up during surgury that I knew the pains.


Noota Oolah
ribs rarely get wrapped. It it is to tight or depending on the position of the break it can do more harm than good to wrap them. Remember that puts extra pressure on them each and every time you breathe. Usually its just recommended to use lots of pillows and rest. Though protocol from one place to another varies greatly. There are many justified opinions on how to deal with broken ribs.

Also it depends on if it were a complete or partial fracture.

Wutz it worth 2 ya?
My Uncle got hurt recently and was rushed to the hospital. He has 2 broken ribs and a fractured one, and they didn't wrap him either. This happened in Frederick County, Maryland.
Sorry to hear about your accident, but your lucky that's all you broke. Rest as much as you can and get well soon. Good luck.

I've broken and separated my ribs many many times, they've never raped them or administered any type of first aid to them. They just give me something for the pain. Now I don't even bother going to the Dr. for it, no point and a waste of my money. Mine always heal within a matter of a week or so, If yours haven't healed in a year then there is something else wrong and you should really bite the bullet and see a Dr.

carl j
I had my ribs broke twice. I think. Once by a car in a hit and run, the other by a group of people kicking the sh^t out of me, both times, I never had my ribs wrapped. They take a long time to heal. I have a bump on one of my ribs were it mended. If I get hit in that excate spot, it hurts more but yet, it seems stronger. Hang in there and don't fall off any more roofs.

depends how badly they were broken,sometime they will rejoin just with a sling

i suspect that the type of care the ER gave you included an xray, check of oxygen saturation, lung sounds, and exam of the affected area. my guess is that the treatment you were given included treatment for pain, a work note, and instructions on follow up care which included a visit to your doctor. the question is did you take care of yourself??

i broke one of my ribs when i was 14, basically theres nothing you can do about it other than take it easy. its possible to mess up the healing process if you wrap them.

I busted two ribs while water skiing. No, they did not wrap them. It hurt like he11 for 6 weeks because I could barely breathe. But, like the nurse said, it was to keep me from getting pneumonia.

Depending on which rib(s) were broken, its typical to put the arm of the affected side in a sling to ensure proper alignment and isolation of the involved muscles and connective tissues, to prevent re-injury and longer healing times. Wrapping is not done anymore as others have indicated.

I have broken my ribs many times. One time they were wrapped and I developed pneumonia. The last three times, they have not been wrapped and I have healed w/o pneumonia. It takes a long time for them to heal, and it is painful.

Had a broken rib myself. The hospital said they no longer wrap because you can get pnemonia and it doesn't aid in healing anyway. Took forever to heal.

Yes, I broke three some time ago and expected just that. Th Dr. said that they no longer treat broken ribs like that because the restraint sometimes hinders more than helps.

Mopar Muscle Gal
Ribs are not longer taped or wrapped due to the constricture of the lung capacity {with this type of old fashioned treatment} which in turn can cause pneumonia

I know that here in Canada they don not tape ribs anymore. and the reason is that the tape can jab sharp peices of bone into places that can cause serious harm. unfortunatley there is nothing that can really be done for broken ribs other than to let them heal. I know that its painful as I have broken several ribs myself and now have arthritis in them, But I would rather have that than a peirced lung

Wrapping broken ribs does absolutely nothing except to ease the pain a little. Doctors don't wrap them because it restricts breathing.

Lucifer J Satan
I've broken a couple and they haven't wrapped ribs for a long time. I broke the bottom 2 on the right side and they took well over a year for the pain to completely go away.

Wrapping fractured ribs is no longer recommended. If you are wrapped, you are less likely to take full, deep breaths, and run the risk of developing pneumonia.

Candy Noel
When I broke my rib they could do nothing. Yes I have heard of NOT wrapping broken ribs.

Ribs are no longer wrapped. Wrapping ribs can lead to pneumonia, because it prevents you from completely filling your lungs. If you haven't healed yet, then you're probably re-injuring it. Wrapping won't help with that, either.

Absolutely. Both my mother & my fiance have had broken ribs & in neither case were they wrapped. Wrapping them does nothing to aid in healing.

Theresa M
ribs are not wrapped anymore, and can take a very long time to heal.

Wrapping ribs has been proven to lead to worse things nowadays. My father in law broke a few of them 2 years ago and wasn't wrapped. It was a good 3 months before he felt better, yet still sore.

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