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 What are the signs of a yeast infection, and how do you treat it??
...are there any other ways to treat one without getting treated by a doctor?? ..i heard before that they usually clear up over time on their own, but it just takes longer?......

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 I get canker sores every once in a while, does that mean i have herpes 1?
only on the inside of my mouth. i get 1-2 a year and its always in the same space. i never get any of those nasty things on/around my lips though.....

 Why is it that the entire Gay men comunity have more STds than the entire straight man population?

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Can HIV develop through an HPV???...

 Tired of being paranoid!!!! Help me out pahleeeeez!!!?
I am 19. I am a virgin saving myself for marriage. I have never had a blood transfusion. I have never done IV drugs. parents are totally and completely healthy.

I have a phobia of HIV......

 Would it be prudent of me to contact someone on here that keeps giving bad information?
I've been reading some answers by this person for a bit because they happen to answer some of the same questions I do. But this person is giving bad information and/or advice and I would guess ...

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will a CBP -ESR test reveal this?...

 What's the direferences between virus and bacteria?

 A question about Hpv?
Can you get hpv or herpes from eating or drinking after someone?...

 Im single with herpes can i find a man without it to date me?

 Am i wrong....?
if i have a cold sore and i dont want my bf to kiss me......

but he does it anyways... but am i wrong?...

 If you swallow a TINY amount o HIV blood that has been out in the environment for 2 minutes, will you get hiv?

 Is is possible to be cured of herpes?
About 5 years ago, my gynecologist told me that I had herpes. Since then, I have moved to a different city and started seeing a different doctor. I have gone for 3 yearly check ups. Everytime I go,...

 How do you get rid of HPV?
I have HPV. I had a colpscopy and a biopsy performed and they said the results where positive. So I know I shouldn't worry, but I was just wondering how I can get rid of this....

 Can i get HIV from sharing a deodorant once with a stranger??? Please help me!! BTW this was 2 yrs. ago.?

 How does adolescent played a bigger risk of STD?

 After you take a test for AIDS how long does it take for the results to come back? ...do they take blood?

 I just found out my Father has HIV. I feel bad that I'm slightly afraid of being near him, what should I do?
My Father was always there for us as kids and he split with my Mom when I was 17. He owned his own construction company and all but ended up living on the streets after leaving us. When he decided he ...

Can you get herpes from a toilet seat if you dont use a cover?
This is an honest question. I am really not trying to sound stupid or anything.


honestly, probably,

are the chances high?

heck no, but either way do not come into contact with the toilet seat unless you have a cover..that is disgusting

Jammin J
Not usually but there is one exception. If someone has herpes AND crabs at the same time, the crabs can bring the goods with them when they get on board for the ride.

Well, I was never a big fan of public restrooms, but what I know about stds, most of them require physical contact.

When in doubt, bring a cover in your purse, and if your a guy, have your lady keep them in her purse.

no you cant its very unlikely.

no u can't get herpes from a toilet seat. u could possibly get crabs. herpes takes skin to skin contact with someone who has herpes. if they are cleaned regularally then there shoulndn't be a possibility of that happening.

bigjohn B
The chances are about a billion to one, 1,000,000,000 to 1.

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