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 I frequently have mouth ulcers.and i take folic acid tablets.i have not askes my doc about it.is it allright?

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when i take tablets,ulcers get cured in few days.
i dont know if the tablets cure them or they heal by themselves....

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Also is it true that if you breath through your mouth your breath will smell bad....

 Nausea after extracted wisdom tooth?
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Wisdom teeth removed and I'm still bleeding?
It's been like 2 hours since I got out of surgery, 4 wisdom teeth removed and I'm still bleeding in my mouth. Is this normal or should I call up the oral facility for help?

I dont think so. get up and go get yourself some help

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Call them. Ask them if it's ok to use salt. I got mine removed two years ago. I used three tablespoons of salt. Just pour the salt straight on the extraction area. put some sotton balls on it and bite hard. Good luck

thats not good

Nur Afra_Nur Afza J
maybe you should call for help...to clinic? ask the doctor whether if it is normal or abnormal...if it is abnormal,maybe the doctor can help....if it is normal,dont think u are wasting your money on nothing...at least u have checked. after knowing the result,you are relief....not like now....worry on something u dont know whether if it is positive or negative sign...

j b
Blood is a normal thing that will happen after and during oral surgery. Apply more packing " Gauze " Do not take Tylenol "Acetaminophen" It will thin your blood so that you will not clot. Buck up and grit through the pain. You will be OK

when i got my wisdom teeth out, they bled for a few hours then settled down. Do you smoke? If so, this thins the blood.
If its still going on in say 4 hours then call the dentist

Baby Girl
Call the office if you are really worried they should be able to tell you if its normal or not.

they heal slow, rinse your mouth with cold salt water(cold is better but regular salt water will do) to stop the bleeding and consuming cold things will also shrivel the veins

It's normal. Just put some gauze pads at the site of the bleeding and hold it there with your jaw. Change the gauze pads every couple of hours until the bleeding stops, probably sometime tonight.

Miss Steph
No, this is perfectly normal. when the tooth gets removed it leaves a hole in the gum where the root was. This is a wound that takes a couple of days to heal completely, so it will still bleed for that time.

♪ Pamela ♫
No, it is normal. Put cool damp paper towels on the extraction areas in your mouth and relax. Do not drink or eat anything of extrame hot or cold temperatures for the next several hours. The bleeding will stop.

This depends on the amount of blood. They really should have given you instructions afterward. You will probably have a small amount of bleeding for about 24 hours. If they didn't even tell you that, call them and ask what to expect.

Read the post-op instructions in the link below.

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