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What can blood in feces mean?

it depends is it bright red or dark? if its bright red it means its new blood and probably a hemorrhoid or a cut in side your rectum. If its dark it means that its been there for a while and probably in your stomach or intestine. meaning a ulcer or something else. bright red not so serious dark red serious!

seeee a doctor immmmmmmmeeeeeedddddddiiiiiiaaaaaaattttt...

you got MASSIVE faeces

Nick Oberoi
It could mean u have piles my frnd
These are ur anel tissues which grow due to improper diet
thus when the faeces are passed they rub against it and cause bleeding
It could alternatively also mean u have been adding too much of chilly to ur food lately
I would suggest to leave it for a few days if it has happened for the 1st time
If it occurs again consult ur doc immediately
Lotza Love
Get well soon

It could be a stomach disorder like ulcers or a fissure in the rectum (that is a tear in the rectum). I would seek a health professional to have this checked out because sometimes these problems can be serious and sometimes even life-threatening. I hope you get better soon and good luck.

You could have a tear or something down in that area, or it could be more serious. You really need to get a medical opinion ASAP.

eat more fibre (you could have strained yourself). Colon cancer is the common diagnosis - you should get it checked out.

♥ miss_colombiana ♥
it means to go and see your doctor a.s.a.p!!! GO RUN!!!

It means one of three things, either you have hemorrhoids, a small tear, or the worst thing possible, colon cancer. Don't wait around.

If it is bright blood it could mean hemorrhoids. I would eat more fiber. If it is old dark blood you could be loosing blood through your bowels and you should see a doctor. They will do a stool sample. Some medicines cause this. Do you take aspirin or any arthritis meds? This can be serious. You can loose enough blood to lower your RBC's (red blood count) Get checked it could be serious or just minor like hemorrhoids

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