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My cold sore scab is bleeding...?
what do i do... can i put Herpecin L on it? or anything ?

put zovirax on it.

Mary Boo


hold direct pressue and then apply more Zovirax. wash your hands well because herpes can spread easily to another body surface or another person. keep you lips well lubed with blistex or chapstick and drink lotsa water.

My son gets them, when its a scab and healed you can put Camophenique (scab relief) it softens the scab so it can heal faster.

lead rat
take L-Lysine (50-100 mg per day)and they will never come back.

you have a zoster virus.
the virus replicates using L-Argnine....so avoid foods with high arginine content..
like almonds.

Look up a list of foods online for l-lysine/l-arginine content.

also go to

you can also take

1.stabilized liquid oxygen
3.DMSO (rubbed direcly on the back of your neck with very clean hands and skin....make sure no contamanents are on your skin, otherwise the dmso will force it in your body.

4. take alkalizing supplements.....
cal-mag is one.

5. lay off of highly processed foods, soda pop and any acidic
producing type of food.

if i get a coldsore or a spot the only thing ive found to dry it up then clear it up is to apply an alcohol wipe to it...you no the ones when you have a needle from the docs they wipe the bit where theyre gonna jab it... one of those.. its stings but hold it on... then leave it the hell alone.. do this 3 times a day... in a few days it will be gone... STOP PICKING.. STOP LICKING... you got dirt on your hands full of bacteria and your just feeding the coldsore... i no its tempting to pick but your going to make it bigger and make it spread....

you need to put tilonal on it it will stop and even go away faster -GOODLUCK

Yagami Takaishi
Don't pick it for one.It should not bleed if falling off normally. Sometimes just a bit. Wash the sore with warm water and plain soap, if possible with any soap that does not have dyes, lotions, and so on. Then rinse with cold water. Do both gently, pat dry to not rub. Then, it will be painful for a few seconds, pat with rubbing alchohol or hnad sanitizer that has it in it. None of the other stuff!

Repeat twice a day and keep it clean. Above all, do not pick it. If you do it will just keep scabbing and could cause a big scar. Good luck!

Abreva works wonders on cold sores...dont forget to keep it moisturized cause it is bleeding from dry cracking. Keep some Abreva on it or put polysporin on it to keep it moisturized...it helps me everytime :)

Use carmex or this product you can get a any mexican store its called "La Campana"

You poor thing, cold sores are a pain, they are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, whose parent viruses cause chicken pox and shingles.The virus complex causes nerve damage, it may lie dormant for weeks/months or years. Or in the case of cold sores, flare up on a regular basis, usually when you are stressed or your resistance is low. Prevention is better than cure, the minute you feel something is going "on" is when you need to take action.
I personally have never suffered from this, I appear to be immune from the virus despite repeated exposure to both chicken pox and shingles, in that, I consider myself fortunate, but who knows what I/we will succumb to?
Forget proprietary medicines, you have the virus, if they had the cure you would not have the problem! They want your MONEY. Forget them, bathe your affected area in your own (sterile) urine, at least twice a day, do not wear make-up, do not apply lotions and potions, let your skin breathe, give it some sunlight, UV is necessary to replace dead skin, do you not find that the more we are encouraged to "care" for our skin, the more problems we encounter? Mother Nature knows best, the rest are just getting rich on our insecurities. How much good has applying these costly "remedies" done?

clean it and put comfrey ointment/cream on it.....great for acne too.

eww... it will spread so do what you can to keep any fluid contained be it puss or blood. i've tried a ton of stuff for cold sores but the best thing i've found is L-Syne (or L-Sine can't remember). It's normally found as a pill in the vitamin aisle but I have seen it in a cream at larger stores like Meijer if you can't make it to the pharmacy. It works way better and the best thing is it's the cheapest fix for it. Under 5 bucks!

I'm Back
it is poison that has to come up. fast for 72 hrs drink nothin but water. take a warm wet clean cloth rub it until it burn the skin off. it will scab up and go away by the end up the fast. do this every time u get a sore. Stop kissing those trolls it worked for me.

Leave them alone and let them heal..........if you really want to get read of them........go to a doctor and get a series of "small pox vaccinations" and they will be gone........for a long long time...........if they return....just get 1 more shot......It really is worth it........I thought I was going to loose my lip when I was in the military......they would fill and then bleed bad......I had very bad scars for a while and eventually my lips got better again.............Trust me the shots are the best.......no two ways about it..........they do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louise :D

When i get cold sores they tend to bleed, um i''d just put some tissue on it to stop it bleeding then find a really good product even if it might be expensive because usally the money is worth it!!

Cσηvεяsε Cяαzч
Did you pick it?

Dab on some salt and water, and then leave it be. Get some cold sore cream from a chemist aswel to help the healing process. Don't pick it, because I did this and now i've got a scar near my lip.

cathy h
i would get some abreva and put on it. and if u can get some vitamen E oil or even pop one of teh vitamen E gel caps and get the oil out and rub on teh cold sore it will help alot. any thing to keep mosture in there will help.

Yellow fruit of the loom guy?
You can try to soften the scabs with a warm washcloth. Put it into the wash as soon as you use it and wash your hands thoroughly. Once it stops bleeding, put on any cold sore scab cream you like. I use Abreva. I use ChapStick daily.

jaysus, mary, holy saint joseph
Since you're saying you already developed a scab....anti-viral meds will not help you anymore. Since the skin is broken you may want to prevent an infection. Put something like neosporin on it.

The right time to put Abreva on the sore (and it says this in the pamphlet as well) is when you feel the first tingle, burning or itching sensation. It is best to apply it before the sores begin to appear. It will shorten the duration of the outbreak or maybe even prevent the sores from appearing in the first place if you put it on at the right time.

Oral anti-viral medications (such as Valtrex, Zelitrex, etc.) are more powerful, but you need a prescription for them.

well stop the bleeding first, but then yes you can put other meds ontop of it. if you use a drying out med most likely you will bleed again if it cracks, try abreva

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