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I'm getting ready to snort heroin for the first time. What can I expect?

Moron, do you think it's funny to joke about s#$t like that ????
Go on add to the burden that others families and friends have had to suffer and I'm not talking just about the user.
just throw away all and everything just for a quick little buzz , be quicker to jump under a truck don't you think.

My friend overdosed on that **** when he was 28. You can expect poor coordination, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, sores, tremors, hair loss, and eventually death. Those are just a few of the things he went through.

you might as well kill yourself now!
friggen retard!

Midnight Runner
The begining of the end of your life.

Expect to believe the rumors. It really will ruin your life.

That in a few days you'll be giving your butt away for money to pay for the habit.

a real long road down slumville. it will be the beginnin of the end for u. and everything n everyone u once loved might as well kiss them goodbye. bc u will rob steal borrow beg and kill for a fix then once u look 40 yrs older in a month and look as if u have aids. well go ahead u know the risk yet u choose to do it anyways so i have to compassion for u

your eyes will be bugged out...you will feel relaxed...and very paranoid for a couple hours....watch out with that stuff it's very addictive...


laura k
Why would you ask that question are you aware of the problems that you create to your family friend ect. Yea go ahead because go there once and youll be slobbering in six months just to get a hit moreover methedone which kicks it will be in you life forever. I dont know you well there is 2 ways dead or in prison dude.

I can only believe you have done other drugs to be ready for heroin. Stop now and please get some help in order to do it. You will either end up in jail, be committed to a mental institution, or end up dead if you become addicted. And you will. You will lose everything - your family, all your money, and all your possessions. Heroin will become your best friend, more important than any other thing in your life. Your life will be destroyed. Get Help.

you can except everyone calling you an idiot for the rest of your life:
here before you do hear it one more time.
that ruins you then you get addicted and then end up like a low life.

then you get caught and get put in jail..
but you proberly ignore this message but its true.

Why would you do that? This is what you can expect. You will become addicted to the drug, and will sell everything you own, possibly even steal, and commit crime, possibly even sell your body, or do something degrading for the money. You will become controlled by the drug. You can expect to live a miserable life only looking forward to the next high. Then you can expect to escalate into shooting up Heroin, and possibly overdosing. You can expect to go to jails, institutions or die.
And you can also expect people to think you are a loser, and not pass drug tests when you apply for jobs later. Sound like fun?

A useless life full of failure and disease, but you're probably already there. It will make you cool too - so snort up, one less loser to deal with on monday.

expect your life to take a nose dive.

Amy T
I really hope that you are joking. Most people that die from heroin over does die their first time. If you have an underlying cardiac condition this can cause you to have a massive MI or you might stroke out. Remember nothing good comes out of using it. How many successful heroin addicts do you really see walking around? Not very many most of them are dead or homeless and have picked the crap out of their skin and have no teeth.

why would you ever want to mess up your life like that?

Hell will become real

you idiot

To become addicted. Good idea! Idiot

Dharma- nator
Quick and very painful death is certainly a possibility.

Addiction: Loss of brain cells, deteriorating health, vital organ damage, heart attack, death.

Poor health.

To get stupid, get busted and go to prison eventually. Heroin is bad for you, don't do it.

a premature DEATH.

Is heroin snorted? It's very addictive and it will ruin your life.

Don't do it, it's not worth it.

I didn't know that you snort heroin. hmm...learn something new everyday.

why are you doing that? That can cause some pretty big problems in your life...I would prob stay away from it.

Loss of your home, family, friends, and money. Enjoy! (Injecting would be easier on your nose)

are you kidding. Do not do it I have seen people come into the er with horrible problems from drugs. You can die from it. Don't do it

Expect brain cell damage and addiction.....very few experiment with heroin and come out unscathed. I have a feeling you already know that and will snort it anyway, but please use your brain now before it's too late.

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