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 Should I worry about this cut?
I was at a creek today, and when walking across a stone bridge i scraped the bottom of my food on a rusted bolt. Water was running over the bridge at the time, and the cut is now sore and beginning ...

 How bad was he hurt do you think?
We had a football game last night and one of our players had a concussion and i had to take his place in the game. He was taken away in the ambulance which came right to the sidelines to get him. T...

 What are some ways to make my hands warm?
my hands are always cold out when its like 30 or below.. and my neighbors and i always play basketball oputside... no type of gloves work..so dont say so.. cuz i cant dribble and shoot in gloves, but ...

 Will the fingerprint change if accidently I badly cut my thumb?
I cut my left thumb very badly. Will the fingerprint change once it's healed completly? Or will there be the same pattern ?...

 Can i still work out if i have a bruise?
i have a bruise on my leg and i want to know if i can still work out my legs and go jogging biking swimming ...

 Can one cortisone injection in my knee cause weight gain?
I recently got a cortisone injection in my knee to treat extreme pain and swelling following surgery to repair a torn meniscus. I have also spent the last 3 months losing 40 lbs and I am afraid that ...

 Has anyone ever heard that a child born premature may have bones that dislocate easily up until the age of 5?
Someone told me this but I am having a hard time believing it....

 I have fallen of a horse to day and i have had a previous back injury but i can stand but it is very....?
uncomfortable to walk but i can bend but when i walk it almost feels as if my legs are not in the right place is this serious or is it just bruising and muscle its the lower of my back and is swollen ...

 HELP!! i got weird yellow stuff on my tongue!!!?
ive had it for about 3 days now... at first it was a small yellow bump(when i mean small i mean almost unnoticable) then after a while i thought it would heal by itself... but now i look at it today ...

 If you fractured your wrist and when it heals will it be stronger then ever?
And well the pain go away when u move it ?...

 I want to know want to know what type settelment i should ask for.?
i drive 18 wheelers. I fell off the top of the trailor and hit the ground, the height of the trailor is 13"6. i have never had a back injury in my life, but from the fall i have 5 herniated disk ...

 What is caused an accident?

 My ancle is bothering me, ski trip is coming up. Should i go?
I am a big skier and I just slightly tore my LCL and some small tissue in my heel, like a week ago and have fully recover. My right side of my foot is hurting me and I got a ski trip coming up. I am ...

 Restless legs?
i have had pains in my legs for as long as i can remember. the pain is hard to describe, it's like it's in the bone, and i mainly get it when i'm over-tired. when i was a child i got ...

 What's the biggest injury you've ever had?
10 pts for best story! and it's my opinion haha,, i might think someone shattering 6 bones is better than someone ripping a leg off IDKKKKK just go for it ...

 My back hurts really really badly! What can I do?
My back hurts REALLY bad.. every move i make it hurts even more... now i got this heating beanbag thing on my back right now against my back and chair and its just really hot. thats all i got right ...

 Is it ok to wear high heels when you have a sprained ankle?
I sprained my ankle a few days ago. When I walk with regular shoes on or barefoot at home, my ankle hurts. However, when I tiptoe or wear high heeled boots, I don't have pain in my ankle when i ...

 Without going for an x-ray, how do you tell if a toe is broken?
My bf dropped a large tv on his big toe and now it is purple and he didn't go to work today and is in a lot of pain. He won't take my advice about seeing a doctor....

 What is the meaning of triage in the medical community?
for example a person is assigned to triage unit what do they do....

 I have a very severe ingrown toenail... would the Dr. ever put me to sleep but not remove the toe?
I have had this done before with a local anesthetic, but the pain was near unbearable; I let it go for FAR too long then as well as now....

Do I have a broken tailbone?
Fell on the ice today -- smack! Landed on the top of my butt where my crack is. I also hit the back of myhead. Now my back hurts and of course my rear. It's painful to bend over especially. Is there any point in being seen by a doctor? I mean, if it's broken, there's nothing they can do, correct? What are the symptoms of a broken tailbone and what is/are the remedy/ies? Thanks.

My sister did the same thing a few years ago, no there is no point, there is nothing a doctor can do for a broken tailbone, they'll just tell you to take it easy.

I fell rolling skating, There's really nothing you can do but time. And my back still hurts on occasion. It's been 3 years. Try not to sleep on your back.

I cracked my tailbone when I fell on some stairs. All they could do was give me some pain meds and let it heal.

I'd still see a doctor to make sure you haven't messed up a disc or something in your lower back. Good luck!

You should see a doctor for the simple fact that you could of fractured you pelvis. And if the pain is as unbearable as you say doctors can prescribe stronger pain medicine than over the counter Motrin.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done for a broken tail bone. Symptoms are extreme pain when you bend over or sit down or stand up.
As far as relief, there really is none. You probably don't have any swelling because there is mostly nothing but skin and bone right there. You can try alternating heat with ice every twenty minutes and you can take ibuprofin, but really only time will heal this pain.
Sorry - I know this isn't very comforting, but it's the truth.

its highly a huge bruise......normally when u fall on the butt and hurt ur tail bone it will not heal for a while.....but its not broken other wise u would not be able to walk right.

don't risk a broken butt-bone by asking a bunch of people killing time "working"...go see a doctor, silly. that's the only way to be sure. in the mean time, ice it , which isn't very fun...lol

My friend slightly fractured her tailbone during a soccer game. It is pretty painful for awhile, just rest up I guess. She did see a doctor, it just led to embarassing moments, and at the end all they could do was say take some aspirin, don't bounce around on your bum for a bit, and it will heal slowly.

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