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Can you get high on herbs?

Blues Man

Anyone that says no is an idiot. here is a great site that can give you information on different things including "herbs" that can get you high



Many of the 'illeagal' drugs, are just refined from herbs.

Half a clove of nutmeg is supposed to give you a buzz. It's in Malcom X's book.

you can on cannibus and thats a herb

Of course! Marijuana is an herb. Vallium was first derived from valerian. Ergot, which both produces an effect similar to LSD, grows on wheat (which has gone bad), and is believed to have contributed to the witch craze during the middle ages. Catnip and damiana can cause one to get high similar to pot.

Of course, getting high on anything is dangerous. Most things that change the chemistry of the brain can do it grave damage, as these are all toxins in somewhat or slightly different doses than required to get one high. Often there is overlap.

yes you can but why would you want to get high? Some herbs are actually poisons. Do you want to take that chance?

OH yes you can, I worked in a health food store for over 10 years & I know for a fact there are several natural herbs that can really make you high in large doses.

If you could get high on herbs all the druggies would be buying and getting high on herbs instead of drugs, then the government would start taxing herbs or they would become illegal..

Mark H
First Define "Get High" Then YES Many Drugs have a Foundation started from a HERB, so (Of Course) they can be "profitable " and Controlled. Give Some People the Health they could have with Herbs and they may Feel High, Comparatively.My goal Get (People) High On Life, Use herbs.

Tenryuken U
yes, you can get high on anything that affects the human body... including herbs, especially herbs

I Will name a few that you may have around your house and some that you can buy legally.

Nutmeg when taken in large quantities. 2-6 tablespoons. I Whould recommend grinding up fresh whole nutmegs becouse the powdered stuff just doesent work as well. it has some nasty side effects but will pretty much make you stoned for about 2 days with a 1 day comedown.

Salvia denivorium is a good one when you really want to trip balls. smoke it dont try to eat it you will just waste it. I Whould recommend having someone watch you becouse you will be officially gone lol.

Morning glory seeds contain a natural compound known as LSA (closely related to LSD) you can get it at the garden store. recommend about 100-500 seeds taken orally. you will trip balls like you where on LSD lol.

dartura is dangerous and unpleasent and an overdose can kill you its not like most drugs where you know your trippin and its just hallucinations. on dartura you think its all real and the world you knew is never coming back. you can find it in your back yard though its a pretty common flower.

wormwood is a great herb that induces weed like effects. obtain at your local health foods store

parsely can get you buzzed if you make it into an extract

dill also works as an extract

Catnip when added to tobacco can give you a pretty good buzz. easy to obtain and when smoked gives your lungs a nice minty flavor.

deadly nightshade will **** you up badly. whouldent recommend just as the name says can kill you.

there are more im sure.
Check www.erowid.com

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