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 Do I have bed bugs?
Last night I tried to go to bed and within like 30 mins I started itching everywhere and woke up and saw all these little bites on my body. I changed my sheets and it was the same thing. I didn'...

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can you also define pshychotic for me ...

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 Best treament for cold sores on lips zorvirax is good but?
Zorvirax works but there is a new product similar to zovirax has anyone tried it,or even no another.
Read about liquorice balm in paper as a prentative barrier Crap! expensive crap!...

 Skin tags (removal)?
I have a few skin tags and was wondering what would be the best way to remove them myself.
I've heard of tying a peice of cotton around them
but how long will it take for the skin ...

 Help with poison ivy?
ok i got this darn poison ivy and now it is really bothering me "go figure right lol" anyways i have it all over the left side of my face, left ear, head "im bald" just under my ...

 What is the best product to prevent chafing of inner thighs?
My husband has a job where he is constantly walking, walking... for 8 hours a day. He gets bad chafing in his inner thigh area, that is very painful. He has tried baby powders, corn starch powders, ...

 Whats the fastest way to get rid of scars?
Cheer season is coming up and I need to know.

the scars have been there for about a year.

Additional Details
and if you know, how long it will ...

 Uhm Helpish...?
uhh okay well i used 2 hav like bad acne. then i started like washing my face evryday and its not red anymore but my forehead is this like bumpy like it was with acne. i dont like ...

 Question about Bulimia? Tooth decay?Help?
I just started binge and purging and found it to relieve myself and I didn't feel guilty about what I was eating. I mean, I feel bad after I do it, but I feel worse after I stuff myself. I now ...

 What can l use for Acne?
Additional Details
TOOTHPASTE???? What do l Do With TOOTHPASTE For Acne????...

 What is the best external medication for acne?

 My son has found that cleansing his face with alcohol once a day is clearing his acne, why is this?
Not that i am complaining i am so happy for him but just wondering why the alcohol is clearing his face up, i mean it is something so simple. He also washes his face atleast twice daily with dial ...

 How can I get rid of strech marks??
I'm 17 years old. I'm Black. ummm I'm not extremely dark, but i have stretch marks on my breast and I only wear a 34-B. I dont understand why i have them. But my main concern is that I ...

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 Why do i keep getting bumps under my eye lids?
They're not big, they come and go, and they're very irritating....

 Do black people have black dandruff?

 What is difference between thumb and small finger ?

 Small lump on back?
i have had this little lump for about 5 years sometimes you can squezze pus out of it like a zit but lately i it sore and kind off swelling with a red mark around ...

 What's a fast over night solution to acne?
Anybody please! I need some old fashioned remedies?...

Will swimming with a cut cause an infection?
Can i go swimming within a couple of days of getting two cuts on my knee?

it depends on how fast your cut heals

Crystal R
It really depends on what kind of body of water you are swimming in... your best bet is to swim at the beach... the salty water will clean it out and disinfect it

no, the swimming will not affect the cuts on your knees. the chlorine might have the cuts sting but, overall, you'll be fine.

In a pool will be O.K. because the chlorine kills germs.
If it is a river, you may want to wait.

ya if its in the ocean its GOOD for your cut.

If you go swimming nothing will happen to your cuts. It may sting for a while in the ocean but it will feel better. The chlorine in a lap pool will clean it.

If it's a deep cut I would advise not, but if it's just paper cut deep then it should be fine. but don't swim in like a lake or something until it heals because it could cause infection.

Yeah. I've had cuts and went swimming.

It depends on how dirty the water is you are swimming in.

jay b
no ive done it plenty of times, the chlorine in the water is their to kill all bacteria and stuff. unless your swimming in like a lake

Pool sounds ok in a lake or stream or bayou I would advise against it.

Well, my brother once cut himself in the pool (and I'm not talking a band-aid cut, or even a sterile-pad cut, but a thirteen plus stitches cut) and the doctors were amazed by how clean it was (they put chlorine in pools to kill germs). So, I'd say it's okay to swim in a clean pool with a cut. Swimming in chlorinated pools is also good for relieving the itching of bug bites and poison ivy. Though, if you had to get stitches for the cuts you're talking about, I'd ask your doctor.

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