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Will rubbing alcohol really help oily skin?
I've heard that rubbing alcohol can help people with oily skin, but I want a second opinion from someone before I go off and do something like that. Is it true?

yeah it can help

Yes, it dries it up really bad.

ugh no it can make the problem worse - if your skin thinks it is being stripped of oils, it will only produce more. Make sure you have a good cleanser, a mild toner and a good oil free moisturiser

An oily skin , as the name implies, is one in which the sebaceous or oil-producing glands are over active. As surface grease tends to attract dirt, an oily skin acquires a dirty surface film , that needs to be removed daily. For more details log to http://useinfo-oilyskin.blogspot.com/

It will definatly take care of the oily skin but it is so strong that it could actuallly leave burn like marks expecially if you use it on your face. You can try it though the worse that will happen is it will make your skin hurt.

yeah it will soak up the oil but it will probably make your skin to dry it you use it alot.

Cubs rule
you shouldnt do that, it will take all the oils off your skin and that is just as bad as too oily.

NO. It will dry out your skin and not solve the oily skin at all. Use the Clean and Clear oil blotting tissues. They work really well and don't have harsh chemicals.

straight rubbing alcohol is too strong and might make your skin worse.......

no u should probably use Proactive or Neutrogena.

Diane B
Like others said, it's way too harsh. It will strip all decent oils from your skin and just dry it out, thus causing more bumps and stuff.
Alcohol for oily skin is an old-fashioned remedy that has been proven to not help at all!

If you have an acne problem because of it, Proactiv cleansing program works wonders! If you don't want to buy that, use an oil-free cleanser, oil-free toner and oil-free moisture, at least sometimes use the moisture (depending on how old you are).

If you are just shiny during the day but not suffering from acne, keep toner (the non-moisturizing kind) and put it on with a cotton pad a few times a day. Or get those little papers that pick up oil..they come in a little pack like kleenex.

Alcohol-free toners are more appropriate for oily skin.

2nd Opinion: No it will not.

Alcohol will dry your skin completely out & it will rob your skin of its natural oils.

Comedian James Uloth
I don't know about oily skin, but It will work as an after the fact condom. Ok it won't work for either.

I would NOT recommend it

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