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Why is it with lotion tissues that...?
how are they so great, wont they irriate the nasal skins because of fragances,perfume, etc etc? Just wondering. thank you.

They're not really for people with sensitive skin in my opinion. Personally, I don't like them because they make me feel slimey.

If you are allergy prone it might bother you but I'm using them now because I have a cold and they really make a difference. They won't tear up my nose.

Church Lady
Oh I LOVE them when I have a cold. They really do help keep your nose from getting sore. Haven't you ever had a cold where you keep blowing your nose and your nose gets all red and sore and chafed? The lotion tissues really help with that. Whenever I'm sick Puff Plus are a absolute MUST for survival.

Some of them hav perfume and fragancse, but there are some without.
Even the ones w. out are smelly though.
because the lotion has a smell.
my mom is actually alergic to the tissues like that.
it's kind afunny that her tissues make her sneeze!!
but anyways i say just buy the regular tissues....

hope i helped =]

Hendra L
Because the tissue is more soft so it helps your nose not be so red and irrtated.

I find that although they don't irritate your skin, they clog your pores and cause pimples.

I think they are great cause they stop the redness under your nose when you have a bad cold. They really cant hurt you theres not a lot of lotion in them and no perfume. So unless you are alergic to Aloe there should be no problem!

I am a CCMA

It is because they do not irritate the nose that is why

Nicole B
it depends on your skin, cuz some really do irritate you and can make your allergies or sickness worse. it also depends on the brand, some brands have so much lotion in them they get greasy and make your face all oily, but some have very little. most people like them because its softer and wont make your nose raw.

No fragance just lotion to help soothe

They use a hypo-allergenic lotion that does not have fragrances. The lotion prevents irritation.

Um... your grammar is really bad. I think you are asking why lotion tissues are awesome? Because of all the lotiony-goodness, of course.

I have kleenex tissues with aloe lotion on them, and the lotion is supposed to sooth the nasals rather than irritate them. But that's a good question if you didn't read the box! lol

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