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thunder blade
Why don't animals get acne?
Seriously i want to know >_>


I'm not an animal and I find your question offensive.

I always had perfect skin and I have been told several times that I'm stunningly good looking by peers. So if you're implying that I'm an animal for it, screw you. You're just jealous...

Deana A

they clean themselves more then humans lol

thats a good question...

John C
They do but most have fur covering it up

1. they have fur.
2. they dont because that is just how they were born.
3. some can get acne, not sure.
And thats all i know.

they do

mike l
they use miracle acne rem

thats a good question

The chinese crested or the mexican hairless dog gets 'comedones', which is black heads/acne. look on google

Cнeяyl x
Because they have fur covering their skin to keep it from getting as dirty as ours, and they don't have as much oil as we do.
Plus, if they did get acne how would you know they don't?

April P
lol. i think its in our hormones. but they might, if they are really dirty. i think i heard of the ugliest dog in the world has blackheads or something.

◢ Emo ◣
maybe they do, you just cant see it because it might be under there fur

Lol that is a good question. . .

They sneak off and apply Clearasil when you're not looking. I'm not sure how they've pulled it off for so long without anyone noticing ... they're good.

Good question, gave you a star. I think is because, basically we are what we eat. Animals have a very simple diet, with the exception of some mistreated pets.

Humans eat crap, therefore we get acne.

The sad thing is, why do we get acne as teenagers? Exactly at the age that we care about how we look? If we would get acne as young kids or as adults, nobody would care about it.

Heather K
Felines can get acne. I am uncertain about other animals, though.

Sam B
maybe cuz they arent as ugly as u

cajun kitty
I know cats get acne Usually it is from an allergy.

They don't sweat. They let out heat mainly by panting. There is no sweat on their face to clog up their pores. I hope this helps!

they do not have pores and they do not have same chemical balance

My guess would be that because animals have fur, they do not have as many "open" pores that can become clogged. Moreover, because they have fur the oils on their skin is probably different and not conducive to clogging.

Maybe they do and you can't see it?

Because. Animals don't give of as much body oil as humans do. A person gets acne when dirt covers the pores. The body can't release the oil, so the oil pushes up on the skin.

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