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Why do my bruises take an extremely long time to go away?
I have gotten a few bruises that I thought to be minor that have taken a very long time to fade away. I havent always had this problem. Is there a logical explanation for the extended period of time that my bruises are lasting?

Thin blood? It may be serious, but you can't knwo for sure unless you are checked by a doctor. Are you taking any medication?
Try Arnica cream- health food store or co-op- this will make them heal A LOT faster- works at our house everytime!!

sometimes people who take anti inflammatories get bruising easily--do you take motrin/advil/aspirin ???

Heinz M
You may be part way to being a bleeder. Have it checked soon.
This is a problem for people whose blood does not coagulate properly

have no clue.. get so vietmen C [ :

First of all check for diabetes, especially if you also notice cuts dont heal very quickly.

A bruise is the bursting of small capliaries beneath the skin, causing minor bleeding, thats what give a bruise it's colour. Healing depends on the size and the severity of the bruise.

You have been eating some bad junk lately and your blood is thickening. You need to add cayenne pepper from an herb shop to your diet. Also cut down on meats and eat more vegetables and fruits. This will thin your blood so that you get more healing power to the affected areas. Then continue doing this for the rest of your life. Make it a good habit to replace all the bad habits you have picked up over the years. In the meantime, try tea tree oil on the afflicted areas and mix the tea tree oil with the hottest herbal cayenne pepper you can find.

Vitamin C speeds the healing process. You may not be eating enough for your body to mend quickly.

Eat more green vegetables. You seem to lack Iron in your blood - which will help with that. I recommend green peppers, cucumbers, broccolli, etc.

sounds like you might be anemic.

sharon c


Dustin S
A bruise is blood under your skin that has been forced out of capillaries. Sometimes the capillaries will flow more than others - which suggests the size of the bruise. Rubbing on them gently should help dissipate the color, but keep in mind you don't want to cause any further damage. Next time you think you think there is a good chance you will bruise - put an ice pack on it asap.

Holly S
You may have broken a blood vain. That would take longer for them to go away.

See a doctor. There are several possibilities, including not enough iron in your diet, but some of the possible causes need treating right away.

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