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pleasant torture
Why do i bite the skin off my fingers?
i always find myself biting the skin off my fingers until i bleed. ive been doing this forever and its pretty gross.

x‚ô•Emo is Love‚ô•x

You worry and lie to much.

Are you a cannibal who stalks people online and asks them to come over and then eats them and puts them in your refrigerator?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is defined as a preoccupation with one or more defects in one's appearance for which most people can hardly notice or do not believe to be important. To fulfil the diagnostic criteria it must also either cause significant distress or handicap. The older term for BDD is "dysmorphophobia" which is sometimes still used in the UK. Some service users will acknowledge that they may be blowing things out of all proportion. Others are so firmly convinced about their defect that they are regarded as having a delusion. Whatever the degree of insight into their condition, sufferers usually realise that others believe their appearance to be "normal" and have been told so many times.
Many people are concerned to a greater or lesser degree with some aspect of their appearance but to obtain a diagnosis of BDD, the preoccupation must cause significant distress or handicap in at least one area of one's life. For example, someone with BDD avoid a wide range of social and public situations to prevent themselves from feeling uncomfortable and worrying that people are evaluating them negatively. Alternatively a person may enter such situations but remain very self-conscious. He or she may camouflage themselves excessively to hide their perceived defect by using heavy make up, brushing their hair in a particular way, changing their posture, or wearing heavy clothes. They may spend several hours a day thinking about their perceived defect and asking themselves questions that cannot be answered (for example, "Why was I born this way?", "If only my nose was straighter and smaller") They may feel compelled to repeat frequently certain time consuming behaviours such as:

* Checking their appearance in a mirror or reflective surface
* Seeking reassurance about their appearance
* Checking by feeling one's skin with one's fingers
* Cutting or combing their hair to make it "just so"
* Picking their skin to make it smooth
* Comparing themselves against models in magazines or people in the street

go to the drug store and get " no bite ". works great.

Weird go to a phychiatrist.

Tina starting over
This is not normal honey it is called self injury and needs to be treated by a doctor. I am one too but I cut instead of biting.

Mr. Lemons
I do the same thing but not until I bleed.

try putting Tabasco sauce on them either before they bleed or after they bleed for a real rush. and just maybe you'll stop.

Maybe you should get a weekly manicure and the attention your fingers get might allow you to stop. Especially since you don't want to ruin the 20-30 buck you just spent.


Mitchell B
I used to bite my nails really deep. Sometimes I bit them so deep, they would bleed. It is a habit. Any habit is hard to kick. Just stop everytime you catch yourself doing it and eventually you will stop. most of the time, you do it subconsciencely though you know you are doing it. Just catch yourself and tell yourself when you see yourself doing it to stop. Or you can just go see a hypnotist.

Dean B
You're either hungry or a vampire.

nervous habit try painting your nails or putting nail polish remover on your skin...you wont like the way it tastes

i do that to... i don't think you can do anything about it. just stay calm. when i am nervous i bite the skin

u have an oral fixation

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