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i know its not lice! ive had lice before and then are a white color. ...

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Why do bugs bite me so much?? Also, is there anything i can do to help the itching?
Oftentimes when i go on weekend trips i get several bug bites and the people who are with me get none. Family members have told me that it's because Diabetes runs in my family, could this be a contributor? Also if you have anysuggestions to help the itching or preventative measures, I would be glad to hear them. I do use mug sprays but they don't seem to work, even ones with deet.


you can start out with bugspray and once you do have bites theres gels you can get at like target or walmart that stop itching. try aloe vera gel also.

Xeraelus X
Uhm to tell you the truth, the sprays don't always guarantee your safety. If you have sensitive skin, or maybe softer skin, it's a bit more likely to get these things. Uhm, what I do is wear long sleeve clothing and pants. Try not to let any skin show.

Stacey s
Mosquitos feast on nector and fruit but the female mosquito will feed on blood to gain protien for egg laying. Female mosquitoes locate their next blood donor through scent. They are extremely sensitive to the carbon dioxide in exhaled breath, as well as several substances found in sweat and other body odors. Some people attract more mosquitoes than others based on how they smell. Mosquitos dont fly very well so setting up a fan may deter them. I would suggest using rubbing alcohol on bites it takes the itch away.

Use Benadryl spray for the itching and it should help ease the itching/pain. This is what I use on myself and my children anytime were camping.

Im with you to the minute i step outside i get a million bites get a bug spray that contains deet and well i live in south texas close to the border so i got to mexico and buy a cream called gelmicin it stops the itch in seconds but i dont know why they bite me so much my grandma says its because im light complected oh well who knows???

RAB in Venus TX
I'm right there with you, everything bites me while other's go unscathed! I've tried every kind of bug spray and it's like spraying sugar on my skin. I have found that if I put hydrocortisone cream on them immediately and every few hours, it helps. It sort of makes them capsulize, then you can pinch the capsule to break it up and it stops itching then goes away.

I would just say keep looking for one that works-- i know how annoying it is I live in a swampy area and there are always misquitoes my most hated bug everywhere--to help the itching don't itch it*take a bath--if you have the means--* put cream on it*try to find something else to occupy your time instead of thinking about the itching*

Good Luck Dear

To prevent bites I use fabric softener sheets. rub them all over and stuff one or two in your pockets and socks. for bites, a good cure for itch is to rub the bite with raw onion. And no, diabetes has nothing to do with it.

don't wear scents, and get a good anti itch lotion along with some repellant.

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