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I am procrastinating as I type.
Why do I keep feeling itchy?
I feel uncomfortably itchy all over, and I don't know why... It's not a rash, because there is no redness or swelling, I just feel itchy for no reason all the time.


Oh snap! take a bath, or wash your cloths, or vacuum

About six weeks ago I became itchy from my hair to my toes. The individual itchies would be like an inner "ping", followed by intense itching. Then another area would "ping", with this being repeated over and over all day.

My doctor diagnosed it as dry skin and recommended either Oil of Olay or Dove soap. I also bought some Oil of Olay body cream, which he said to slather on while wet from your shower and then, in a few minutes, pat it off gently. I am going to explore some of the other products in these two brands, as well. It worked!

He also prescribed an "itch" medicine. I cannot take OTC Benadryl because--get this!--it make me go into spasms of itching LOL! The one I was given is Atarax.

Ooops! It's midnight and the pings and itchies need their meds! I can't even mention this without itching!

I have allergic reactions to things sometimes and all I can to is itch. I don't get rashes or swelling either just the itching. I'll scratch until I bleed in my sleep. Also, when it has been dry weather wise, or when we turn our furnace on the same thing will happen. My skin doesn't seem dry but it feels dry, and I will put lots of moisturizers on but still itch.

Phill Lee
Could be eczema, or xerosis. A Dermatologist would be the best person to consult on this. A good source of information on this is listed below.

brandon h
Dry skin. Try lotion or a humidifier if it's persistent. After that, look for allergens.

Have you changed your laundry soap, bath soap or even shampoo recently? It could be an allergic reaction, or if you've recently moved it could be a reaction to your water.
Everytime I take a shower in a new place I get intchy because my skin isn't used to the water yet.
If you've gotten new bedsheets or clothes wash them. Even if you've gotten a new stuffed animal or new carpet. It could be anything that your body isn't already used to.

could be a mild allergy ( especially to your laundry detergent or soap)

or it could be very dry skin

a doctor cold probably find some other possibilities

Try changing your bodywash/soap for a few days, see if that helps. Maybe you are allergic to the brand you are using now.

Itching is an irritating sensation in the skin. Most people have itching from time to time. Often, there is no clear reason for the itching.
Itching has many possible causes. These may include:
+ allergic conditions, such as skin conditions known as atopic dermatitis or contact dermatitis. Allergic rhinitis is an allergic condition that can cause itchy eyes and nose. Drug reactions, common with penicillin or sulfa antibiotics, are another common cause of allergic itching.
+ skin conditions, such as psoriasis, bullous pemphigoid, or abnormally dry skin, sometimes called xerosis
+ irritation of the skin. This may be from sunburn, insect bites, chemicals, soaps, poison ivy or other causes.
+ skin infections, such as scabies
+ bodywide infections such as chickenpox
+ cancer or tumors, such as certain blood cancers known as lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and polycythemia vera. Other tumors, such as a skin cancer called melanoma, stomach cancer or a carcinoid tumor can also cause itching.
+ conditions with bodywide effects, such as chronic renal failure, certain liver conditions, such as cholestasis of pregnancy, or iron-deficiency anemia
+ autoimmune disorders, conditions in which a person's immune system attacks his or her own body. Examples include Sjögren syndrome and multiple sclerosis.
+ hormone imbalances such as those that occur in diabetes. Low thyroid hormone levels called hypothyroidism and high thyroid hormone levels, known as hyperthyroidism, both can cause itching as well.
+ psychological causes. These may include anxiety, psychosis or cocaine withdrawal
Other causes are also possible. Sometimes, no cause can be found.
Prevention is related to the cause. For example, avoiding sunburn or poison ivy can prevent these causes of itching.-

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