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 Cetaphil for acne?
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Why! Why does my hair smell?
I take a shower every single day, but as my hair dries, the smell of the shampoo is gone and it's replaced by a different odor. I don't know what's causing it. I use paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo. it started when I was 12 or 11. It use to be REALLY bad, but its not too bad anymore, but i still feel uncomfortable being around people a few hour after I shower. I always see my friends having a good time and I want to, but If I get close too them and they smell my hair, well the'll say im dirty. Im not a smoker, my parents arent smokersand i dont eat greasy foods. i dont have greasy hair like I use too, but its still gets greasy a little bit, and i really dont have a acne problem just the norm for my age. im 15.
Additional Details
I def don't have lice.

BUT I have always noticed that I dont sweat as much through my scalp as other guys.

daniel d
It could be that you are using the wrong product for your hair though PM tea tree is a very good shampoo but your sweat glands may be over producing. Have you mentioned this to your hairdresser or doctor

is it your hair or is it your scalp, you should see a dermatologist, im not sure what they could do about it, but they must have something that can help.

I bet your towel smells. Try using a clean, nice smelling towel. And make sure you dry it thoroughly, have you tried a hair drier?

* Deep Thought *
Sound like your diet still, you know your skin/scalp are the biggest organ on the body.... so whatever you take in, is absorb.

But for now, just try switching shampoo's, tea tree oil does not smell the greatest.... really.... so try switching it up... and maybe for now, you can watch hair twice a day..
and night, leave in a conditioner in hair, that smells GOOD, and rinse out in the morning.

This is a problem that you can control and change!

cuddle me softly as soft as can get
go to a dermatogolist

maybe the shampoo that u r using rite now is not suitable for u..
try using those nature herbal shampoo...
try this site www.himalayahealthcare.com ....
hope it helps..

Mopar Muscle Gal
you worry too much
people are not getting close enough to smell your hair
if it really bothers you- switch shampoos/conditioners to a pleasant smelling one

stop using any type of shampoo... use coconut perfume hair oil by tatas or bengal chemilcal or bajaj... not almond hair oil... and feel the difference.. it is worth trying

Are you a heavy garlic eater? Or do you enjoy any other foods that could permeate through the skin? I understand that there are many foods, including garlic, that can affect the oder which one's body gives off... just a thought.

You may have head lice.

ever try a leave-in treatment or conditioner? it might help

s t
It's not your hair doing the smelling. It's your nose.

Your hair stinks.

Try the ultimate mask: patchouli oil. Of course it will then stink like patchouli.

If you want it to be free from odor you may be out of luck.

There are other less offensive essential oils to mask the smell. Try an alternative book store, or the like.. On line it is cheaper.

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