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Which type of water opens pores? Cold or Hot?
If i wash my face with HOT water.. does this close my pores and makes them more noticeable?
if i wash my face with COLD water..does this open my poresa nd makes them less noticeable?

Hot opens the pores...eg sweating. Cold closes the pores

There is no way to make your pores appear bigger or smaller, they just are. Enjoy being you

Tim M
hot will get rid of pores. you gotta wash with hot water and soap to clean ur pores

hot opens..

cold closes

hot opens pores , open pores are more noticable, wash in hot, then rinse with cold, which should close your pores and make them less noticable

hot water opens pores and cold water closes them.
its best to wash your face with warm water though

Bibi B
warm to wash, cool to rinse. Too hot or too cold is not good either. Be gentle to your skin. Also my skin specialist told me to clean with Cetaphil cleanser. It is not a soap and is non-comedogenic. It does not lather. I like it, too. Also, there is a Cetaphil lotion that I use on my face for moisturizing. Good stuff.

Wash with hot water to open your pores, then rinse with cold to close them. I don't know if it will help with not noticing them, but that is the way I was taught to clean my face...open to get the oils and dirt off, then close them with the cold.


Wash your face with very warm water, not too hot. Then final rinse with cold water to close the pores while they are clean. I have large pores and that's what I used to do when I was younger and my face was more oily. Always rinse well. I used Neutrogena unscented bar soap, it was the only thing I found that was thoroughly cleansing yet gentle.

One thing...dont wash your face with Hot water, you can burn it. Use warm water, cold water for some reason make some peoples faces kind of dry.

hot opens and cold closes them or makes them appear smaller

Hot opens your pores

Actually- hot water won't open your pores very much, and cold won't close them too much.

What makes a far bigger difference is the amount of dirt and oil on your face and in your pores (actually, they are not really 'pores', which are nearly microscopic and are used for sweating, but the external openings of the sebaceous oil glands and hair follicles).

hot water opens pores. Heat causes expansion, cold contraction in 99.9% of cases

Demetria S
Warm water closes them and cold opens them.

My ex boyfriend asked his dr this question because he wanted to get the best shave. He told him to wash his face with hot water before shaving to open the pores. Then after shaving, rinse with cold water to close them. They would appear smaller after closing.

keith c


Jace L
Hot opens...cold closes

Hot or warm water opens pores and cold or cool water closes pores.

fed up with stupid questions


hot water opens cold closes!

Jessica T
wash your face with hot water to open your pores...when you are done rising splash cold water on your face to close your pores. i believe clean and clear makes a face wash that does this automatically.

wash w/ luke warm, then rinse w/ cold. warm will help clean out the pores, and then cold will make them smaller.

flying squirrels
Hot water opens pores and is a good way to clean them out. Using cold water after thoroughly cleaning them will close them so dirt and gunk won't get in them throughout the day.

Hot water opens your pores and makes them larger/more noticeable. Hot water is good for washing your face because it opens them up and makes it easier to get oil and dirt out. Cold water closes the pores and makes them smaller/less noticeable. It's good for rinsing your face after you wash it.

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