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Where do nits come from?
my daughter got nits and apparently its coz i washed her hair, but a bandana on and it was a hot day so the moist and heat encouraged the nits to form....but from what?

Nits are the eggs that are laid by lice. How do you know that they're nits? If they truly are nits she will need to get a lice treatment.

Hope this helps


That is total bull! Nits are caught from other people. She obviously touched heads with another kid and the nits from their head travelled onto her head. They dont just grow out of no where! You need to get rid of them as soon as possible! The longer you wait the harder it will be to get rid of them. As a kid i had them plenty a time! Good luck.......

NO that's not the reason at all. Nits come from head lice. Your daughter has been in close contact with someone who has head lice, common in school age children as they share hats, combs, huddle head to head. There are so very good shampoos out there to kill the lice. You must check all family members heads, wash all bedding, pillows , stuff toys etc or put them in plastic bags for a few weeks . After the hair is treated you have to "get rid of all nits" as these are the eggs laid by the lice. The now have special combs or use a fine tooth comb. It is a tedious job but has to be done. Lice do not like hair full of jells so use it. They only like clean hair. Head lice make you feel dirty but it's not for dirt as i said before they love clean hair! Go to your drug store and ask for info on treatment.
If you can't afford the shampoo than used Mayo a cooking oil and let sit on child's head for at least a half hour , repeat every few days this will smother the adults. Remember pick off the nits, oils make them easier to slide down the hair shaft. One can also buy tea tree oil to add to shampoo for daily use . It is believed that the lice do not like the smell. Good Luck

cats,nits only go in clean heads. you wanna try and get full marks lotion. and after 10 mins use a nit come to pull the body and the eggs out. and repeat it after 2 weeks. they come to child to child by crawling on to another childs hair when their head are close. if you daughter got long hair. you wanna try tieing your childs hair up.

What a load of crap! nits come from other kids hair they cannot jump or fly but girls get them most because they tend to hug and get closer....if your daughter's head was against another kid with nits the nits will walk from one head to another....they are buggers to control if they hatch into lice! best thing I used was the Full Marks 10 minute lotion the tea tree stuff is rubbish and it stinks......always check her hair everytime you wash it just to be on the safe side...I remember when my daughter got it for the first time I was horrified! but nits will live in any hair!

yer head. Only joking

Mr Tripod
Nits come from nits eggs, which come from nits.
Originally though, nits come from Dorchester. In Dorset, England.

WHO am i?
dirty kids.

savannah s
Someones lying to u!!!!!

She wouldve caught them from another child through close head contact - so most probably at school/nursery or playing with her friends.

Where do they come from originally??? I havent got a clue!

But it has nothing to do with u putting a bandana on her head, as a matter of fact, that would more than likely reduce the chances of her getting nits as her hair would be covered!

Hot Stuff
Nits are the eggs laid by lice. You need a shampoo that will kill them. Speak to your pharmacist. Kids pick these up by borrowing combs, hats, etc.

Oh My What To Do!
The eggs were probably already there, picked up from another child at school/nursery. The moisture and heat would have encouraged them to grow.

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