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What would happen if someone didnt take a bath or shower for years?
I know it's a bit of a freaky question lol.

Very bad body odour, thats what - Theres a woman in our town who smells so bad, you want to throw up.
Bad idea.

Karen R
they would pong !!!

Martin M
You would be smelly!

Daniel F
they would live alone.....

Tenchi P
Besides the odor that everyone else is so obviously stating, I think you can also develop diseases resulting from such uncleaniness. If you don't wash off all those germs then it's bound to happen.

Do it and find out for us if you like. Not advised though.

they would smell!!!! not to mention they would be at higher risk for disease/poor health.

Angela M
Wouldn't they be called "Sting" ? I heard that he diznae use any soap or washing stuff. He only splashes aboot in some plain water!!

smell you later

Dr Frank
Not much, many populations don't get that much chance to wash, but you might not be very nice to get downwind of!

I suppose they would smell alot, would probably have sores all over their skin and that is a disgusting question. Why would someone not shower or bathe?

Secret Name
They would get very dirty.

Going into that further, it would cause spots/zits in places around the body.

The person would smell, pretty bad.

I also reckon they would get lightheaded from time to time.

If someone wont take bath as you say he will hav lots of skin infections as no hygiene ill b maintained he ill also smell real bad making him a source of nausea and headache for others as well as for himself

they wud smell like the man on the bus next to me did this morning!

He/she would become a very lonely person......

not to mention the smell, they'd most likely get bed sores all over, bad acne,, and other medical side effects.

They'd need a lot of Oust air sanitizer :D

Purple Diamond
I watched a tv programme about a woman who didn't wash her hair for months as an experiment. At first, she felt dirty & started to itch etc (eww) but after a few weeks her hair started to look really healthy & shiny & didn't smell bad at all. It was as if her body was cleaning it naturally. I don't know whether the same would happen with the body though. I've noticed a number of people who stink really badly as a result of not bathing (I presume) but maybe the smell was more on their clothes than their body. In other words, if they didn't bathe but changed their clothes regularly they wouldn't stink so bad.
The idea is repulsive to me though

amicus curiae
well i happen to know a bloke that doesnt wash. so far i think its over 2 years since his last brush with water n soap.
apart from a nasty crud on his skin and no close :-) friends...
he appears fine.
skin rashes and ingrown hairs would be expected, and all the experts would say its likely to lead to illnes, but this guy doesnt even catch a cold..
the near phobic must scrub everyday is a new phenomenon anyway! until about 20 years ago 1 or 2 baths showers a weeks was the norm. and you wore the same clothes more than 1 day also! ditto towels and sheets, did not get done more than 1 washday.
advertising and consumerism has affected our perceptions.
office worker who dont get dirty or even break a sweat, use deoderants etc. really do not need a daily shower, it feel s good but could be less often in reality.
someone working with dust grime and chemicals would be justified.
our skin actually has a natural flora for a good reason. overwashing causes some skin problems to get worse not better, especially the high sls and caustic soaps.

Smell obviously; and get infections and sores from the bacteria and they would attract nasty flies who would lay their eggs in the putrid sores.

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