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What to do for dry skin?
What is a good body moisturizer? I apply lotion everyday to my skin and it still is so dry looking. I do exfoliate regularly maybe its the moisturizer. What do you think? I would love to have glowing skin! Well wouldn't everybody. But if anyone knows of something out there that will do it let me know. Thanks

after bath put some oil on your skin then Nivea intensive moisturizing milk and drink a lot of water.

Nivea and St. Ives works for me

use something with aloe vera in it. It moisturizes really well. The brands that people are mentioning above are all good. I wash with Dove body wash and it's amazing and smells amazing too. My skin feels so soft afterward. I agree that Olay is a good brand and St. Ives too!

Jellybean is having a baby bean
I like to use Eucerin, clears up dry skin but can get a bit greasy. I use it at night so I don't feel so greasy during the day.

You could be exfoliating too often - if you are always scrubbing, then you never give your cells a chance to create the neccessary oils for keeping your skin hydrated.
However, it could still be your lotion. Try switching brands, and go for something with a thicker consistency. Try a body butter from Bath and Body Works or THe Body Shop. They have natural ingredients (unlike Vaseline which can make your skin harder rather than softer and more radiant) so you wont have to put on so much and they last the whole day.

hay first of all take a bath with DOVE soap after that clean your body with some cleasing milk the apply some NIVIA cream on ur skin then it'll be gud

Olay's "Quench Therapy" is really good for me. It's specially made for EXTREMELY DRY SKIN and it's sold in a purple bottle.

I know that this is going to sound random. But, Olive Oil straight from the bottle helps. Doesn't smell to good but is a good thing for your skin. Then, shea butter unprocessed is good too.


this stuff works GREAT for me...whenever my face is dry
good luck

sophia j
you should really apply some SARNA on your skin its for extremly dry and itchy skin and after you get out of the shower make sure you put on some GOLD BOND

It took me a long time to figure out that for myself, I even started seeing dermatologists. I know what works for me and maybe you too. I take a hot shower and i only use dove senstive skin soap, not that i have sensitive skin but it has moisturizers in it and its fragrance and dye free which is hard on your skin, as i rinse i cool the water down a little at a time to close my pores to hold in the moisture, then when I get out I pat dry so i dont rough up the skin and I use cetaphil lotion, you can buy it at walmart or any drug store, its about 8 dollars but its a big pump bottle. While im still damp i rub in the lotion, it too is dye and fragrance free and thats what the dermatologist recommended. i let it soak in before i dress, also try it as soon as you shave too, its great skin soother, helps with razor rash and that sorta stuff. You will notice a difference the first time you use it and by the end of the week you will see a big difference in your skin, it even helped with my scarres.

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