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 My belly button...ozzing puss???HELP?
its oozing puss dnt knw wat caused it n it looks really red and raw, i tried puting a slaine solution but i dnt know if it is working should i see a doc??
Additional Details
is it common ...

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What makes a hickey go away?
Is there anything fast that makes a hickey go away?

tell her it was the vacume cleaner.

Take a lipstick lid and hold the open end to the hickey. Using pressure, twist the cap. You'll probably still have to use makeup, but it will be lighter. Next, don't get hickies.

try witch hazle or tea tree oil

rub tomatoe sauce on it, did you also know that it will get ride of the stench if your sprayed by a sknunk?

put aloe vera on it..
but i heard that it works even better if u hold a cold spoon over teh aloe vera

Look in the mirror and scream BOO! If that works,,,you have found the ONLY way to get rid of one quickly.

nothing, its a bruise. it'll go away the same as if you bashed your leg on a table.


There is always the" I was using the vacuum and it got away" excuse!

Try some concealer and powder or mock turtle neck (yeah, I know it is like summer) Well, hope you find some remedy!

MAKE - UP ? .

Yes. You can help a hickey mark go away faster if you get a spoon and using the back of it, rub it over the hickey mark for a couple of minutes.

you could put something cold on it but in reality it takes time. good luck :)

A cold spoon. Put the spoon in the freezer for a while take it out and apply it to the hickey. A hickey is just blood so the cold compress makes the bruise go away. hope this helps.

hickeys are basically just bruises. to speed up the 'going away' process, just increase the blood flow there to dissolve away the blood clots. putting warm compresses such as a towel soaked in warm water for several minutes, several times a day will do the trick.

a long sweater

or don't get one to start with it

Time and healing.

Time. Find some foundation concealer in the meantime until it fades.

Time, only time. It actually has to heal.

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