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What is this clear smelly stuff coming out the back of my ear?
is it cause of an infection? help! what should i do?

puss. and yes, colliflower ear maybe?

Ew! yeah that sounds like an infection to me. Are your ears pierced? Maybe that's what it's from

You may have a middle ear infection when germs get into the middle ear and the area fills up with fluid (or pus). Best make an appointment with the doctor.

Everyone has phermones behind their ears. I never feel or see anything, but if you rub your finger behind the ear you can sniff it and yeah, I agree that I don't like the smell. Here is what Dr. Gupta told an someone online with the same question.

Gaurav Gupta: hi
Customer (name blocked for privacy): hi
Gaurav Gupta: i would like some more information before answering your question
Gaurav Gupta: can you specify your age?
Customer (name blocked for privacy): 56
Gaurav Gupta: ok
Gaurav Gupta: are you on any chronic medication like for diabetes, hypertenson etc?
Customer (name blocked for privacy): i'm on Prozac, but I've had this symptom before that
Gaurav Gupta: ok
Gaurav Gupta: since when have you noticed the smell?
Customer (name blocked for privacy): all long as I can remember
Gaurav Gupta: ok
Gaurav Gupta: has the type of smell changed?
Customer (name blocked for privacy): no
Gaurav Gupta: ok
Gaurav Gupta: do you have any ear wax or ear infection or any other ear symptoms?
Customer (name blocked for privacy): I do have ear wax, no ear infection, never
Gaurav Gupta: ok
Gaurav Gupta: what you are describing is a normal phenomenon
Gaurav Gupta: we have sebaceous glands behind the ear
Gaurav Gupta: they secrete a fluid to keep the skin lubricated behind te ear
Gaurav Gupta: this causes the smell
Customer (name blocked for privacy): it drives me crazy. what can I do
Gaurav Gupta: also since the area behind the ear is an easy place for bacteria to multiply
Customer (name blocked for privacy): I don't think my husband has this
Gaurav Gupta: the sebaceous secretions along with the bacteria can cause the smell
Gaurav Gupta: ok
Gaurav Gupta: the smell varies from person to person as the body odour
Gaurav Gupta: in some people it is very strong, while in the other it is not

it could be the begining of an infection
the stuff is called pus.
and clean your ear with alcohol pad and dont touch it before washing ur hands..

probably a bump or something that you scratched and then puss or something came out of it. happens all the time.

Kyra C
i think it wuld be an infection im not exactly sure.

Are your ears pierced? From the sound of it, I'd say they are. My ears are pierced, so I've had this before, and it is an infection. The best thing to do is:

1. Every couple of hours, twist your earrings around in your ears - this prevents the earrings to stick to your ears.

2. Every few hours, take your earrings out and squeeze the holes to help get the infection out.

3. When finished with number 2, keep the earrings out and put them in a small dish of either hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Then apply the same liquid to a cotton ball or q-tip and rub that on your ear. This will keep everything clean.

If it gets worse, go see your doctor.

Jessica D
The best thing to do is to go and see your GP and get a profeessional point of view. Good luck!

I'm guessing this is from your ear ring so summut. I'd say it could be! Try bathing it with salt water or TCP if it's real sore then see your GP

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