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What is the bump on my eye?
it is a small bump on the corner of my eye (the outside corner of my left eye).

it isnt a pimple, my sister said it could be a stress bump?

what is that and how do you make it go away?

nothing ive looked up helps
Additional Details
its been here for a while now, its just started hurting

It could be a cyst. . .you need to go see a doctor

Its a star
put a ice pack on it...
or either rest ur eyes
or warm pack

I had it my brother had it and those things work....
and now its gone..and its painful u can hardly open ur eye.right!

Just don't touch it for about 2 or 3 days - if it starts going away - just continue to not touch it at all and it should be gone in a week. I had one of these once and my friend gave me that advice and it worked. I don't really know what it was.

could be a stye. Apply a cold compress and wait for it to go down. They normally happen along the lash line.

Lori K
Those are usually linked to high cholesterol (if they are painless). I believe they are called milia.

If you have pain, it is probably a sty.

it's a sty. put a warm compress on it or stand. it's kinda like a pimple. there is stuff over the counter you can get. ask ur pharmacist. don't wear make-up for awhile.

it's actually *on* your eyeball? if so, see a doc

if it's a little white spot on your eyeLID then it's a stye, and it'll go away within a few days. Don't play with it.

nickie u
the small bump on your eye is probaly a sty. i sometimes get them. they itch and burn. to treat it go to a pharmacy and get some sty cream it will go away in a few days.

it can be a stye.
these have to be surgically removed, usually relatively cheap a and little or no recovery time.

It's a wort, trust me I have one too. Just go to the skin doctor, he'll give you some medicine to get rid of it, mine did I just went yesterday lol.

it could be a sty i dont know if i spelled it right

sounds like an eye bump, these can get to be very large and puss filled. most grow to at least an 1/2" across before they burst and ooze the puss out. some have gotten as large as 3", good luck.

send a pic

its sty. they usually appear when your not getting enough sleep. does it hurt at all?

how long have you had it? a few days? it sounds like a sty infection. keep your fingers out of your eye.. you may need to get antibiotics.

its a sty, time is the best remedy.... don't pop it with a needle, unless very careful and very depserate.

to make it go away
take a q-tip
dip it in hot water and gently apply it on the bump
i dont know what they are but they appear from sweat
to prevent it always wash ur face, from salt and sweat my brother had it thats why i know

hope it helps :)

sandra b
It sounds like a stye. I've gotten many of them in my lifetime. It usually comes when I'm tired, weakened immune system, etc. Here's what to do: place a very warm cloth over the bump several times a day. Be very gentle with your eye. If it doesn't get better this way there is topical ointment at drugstore called Stye medicine. This is only to be placed on the exterior of your eyelid...not directly in the eye. The warm compresses really do help. Also, refrain from using eye makeup, since it could have been caused by this...eyeliner or eyeshadow.

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