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What is the best way to keep constant cold sores under control? How can I prevent them altogether?
My son gets a cold sore practically every week. He always has, since being a toddler, he is now 14.

Is he sharing juice wit friends? Chapstick? Drinking behind or Kissing someone with cold sores. Those are the number 1 ways to get them.

I use abrova. I do not know if there is a to prevent cold scores. You can ask your doctor.

Máire Siobhán
A medical exam/physical will help determine if this is really recurring cold sores, or something else. There are other chronic conditions that have mouth sores as a symptom. I would agree with the physical to determine what's going on.

If it is cold sores (which is a herpes virus) then Valtrex, or something similar with get them under control for him.

Be sure he understands that a cold sore can be spread BY HIM to other parts of his body, including and especially his eyes, and that he should NOT rub or touch or pick at the sores, and keep his fingers away from his nose and eyes to avoid cross-infecting. You absolutely CAN get herpes in your eyes this way. Also, of course, he could possibly (less likely, but possibly) spread it to his "groin" area, so again, keep fingers away from the sores, and don't scratch, pick, or wipe his nether regions with infected fingers, or with a tissue that's been near his face.

Not trying to panic you, but it's a life sentence with this virus at this point in time, so help him keep from spreading it around on himself--highly contagious, as you can tell. Someone gave it to him. We are not born with it.

Theres a Herbal pill u can pick up at the local retail store for under 5 bucks. I take 1 or 2 pills of Lysine a day when I 1st notice a cold sore is apparent. They usually help it go away before it gets any worse.

a certain B vitamin

Paul D
You should be talking with your doctor. There are antiviral medications that can help. If he is constantly having outbreaks there may also be other immune system issues. Make sure he is getting enough sleep and that he has a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables.

Don't give him juice or fruit. Excessive acidity causes him to get sores in his mouth.

Joann C
hi buy Banadyne at the pharmacy it comes in a white and blue small tube it is liquid, it numbs the pain and heals fast, plus I take one Zovrax prescribed by my doctor and it knocks it out asap Good luck!

Ummm i heard that if you put a hot tea bag on them you can help remove/ slow there growth so if you see one coming up put it on and it should take it off soon

Pauline P
Try the source below for cold sore treatment information.

i suspect theres something more going on here. like maybe he needs a multivitamin because his system is run down? make sure he gets plenty of sleep and lots of liquids. and change his tooth brush as soon as he gets over the cold sore. and make him put 'blistex' on his lips at least three times a day. and dont scratch, bite, or lick at the lips cause this makes it bigger

Rachel T
I think the Dr can prescribe some Valtrex. He can take one tablet daily as a preventative and it should help to keep them away.

Babies commonly get cold sores from people kissing them on the mouth.

Cold sores are more frequent because of stress, so you must have him learn how to alleviate his stress. There are several OTC medications out now that really work on the cold sore to make the healing time less. If he has one every week, you should have him examined by the doctor to see what is going on. My husband gets them, but only about twice a year. I know of no one who gets them every week. Because this is a virus, please consult your doctor for medication. OTC may not be strong enough, although cold sores run their course, and the medication is more for comfort than healing. Good luck

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