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What is the best product to prevent chafing of inner thighs?
My husband has a job where he is constantly walking, walking... for 8 hours a day. He gets bad chafing in his inner thigh area, that is very painful. He has tried baby powders, corn starch powders, even diaper rash ointments. These do help healing the rash areas, but we need some suggestions for prevention while walking so much. Any ideas out there? Thanks!!

Gold Bond powder

working in kitchens i had this problem also...about 10 yrs ago i switched from briefs to boxers which allows more room and air
i still use powders and cornstarch but without the tightness of the briefs made all the difference in the world

nizoral cream may work it is a perscription product.

Honey Bee
Sometimes, I put deodorant on my inner thighs when I ware skirts. It keep my thighs from sweating and rubbing together. I hope this helps.

First of all, I think you need to find out what's causing his chafing in the first place, constantly walking yeah perhaps a factor, but it doesn't happen to everybody. If he wears tight trousers perhaps he should try get a pair of looser fitting one, or different softer material. If he's overweight, urge him to lose weight because then the weight off of the thighs might make the problem go away.

Apart from that, I think he should go and see the doctor for advice, not Yahoo! Answers. You could try the wrap/band aids (the sleeve like things you wear when spraining your elbow/ankle etc) because this could conceal the area that is chafing.
Anything that's chafed is usually caused by not enough air getting in the areas. This could be partially solved if he wore shorts to work?

Anyhow, best of luck with his problems! :)

How about getting the kind of men's underwear called boxer briefs? They come down to mid thigh and should prevent future chafing.

Use boxer briefs and apply petroleum jelly to the area before going to work.

My husband is a roofer.He has that problem too.After he showers while still wet rub on baking soda.

I know this may sound silly what about tights wearing a pair of tights we females wear them and we dont seem to suffer as much maybe he could try them it wouldnt be noticable under his clothing

Colette D
vasaline might work but it would probally need reapplication after a couple of hours also your husband might want to look in to why he's chafing? Are his pants to tight etc.?

We bought the tight boxer short underwear that go to mid thigh. The real tight ones (like spandex) It really helped stop the rash. The creams would have my husband realing in agony. Good luck.

I would try a pair of bike shorts that have the spandex in them and that go down to the knees, this will help take the chafing instead of the skin of his legs.

I can only imagine how that hurts. I'm incontinent and have to wear diapers 24 / 7 and if/when I get a diaper rash it is definitely very uncomfortable. The chafing isn't much different, i'm sure.

Good luck to him.

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