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Additional Details
ive tried proactiv and it didnt work......

What is the best cure for psoriasis of scalp?
i am suffering with dandruff for the last 3-4 years. Earlier for four years i have worked in a night call centre.

I would apply lemon juice with a slight brushing stroke to the scalp

salicylic acid is the main ingredient used for psoriasis of the scalp, you can either get a bottle of seabreeze with salicylic acid and massage it on your scalp 2-3 times a week OR buy a shampoo specifically formulated for that condition.

there r no cure that I heard about! u need to see a Doctor!! It in your blood and is pass on in the family!! My, hubby his daughter, his mom.sister both suffer from psoriasis. My, hubby use head&shoulder!!

Amanda T
I don't think your job has anything to do with this. But you should try Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo, its made especially for dry scalp and psoriasis, it works great!

Good luck!

Clobetsone and such topical corteco steroids are used in such cases, with marginal success. some say homeo treatment is successful. anyway you need to make sure what your condition is and get medical help.

Theres no real cure but you can try Tegrin or Head & Shoulders to see if it helps. Be glad its not on your elbows and knees. Some people have it everywhere!

try using a medicated shampoo with salycic acid in it........

Are yo sure this is psriasis and not seborrhea? You need a physician to diagnosis it properly. In the meantime go to the pharmacy at a local store and ask the pharmacist for suggestions for the best OTC (over the counter) shampoo. There are lots of them.

You may want to notice if the flaking changes with the season (allergies) or with the food you eat (also allergies). And, you may just need to change the standard shampoo you are currently using. DO make sure you rise very well after you shampoo.

Psoriasis or just Dandruff.
If it is only Dandruff use Nizoral Shampoo (ketoconazole). Belive me your dandruff will disappear.
make sure you use it according to the instructions. Do not stop it abruptly. Have a dandruff free hair by next week.

doctor asho
no effective cure,if u want ,u can email me ,get reply in 24 hours

Chinyama S
Caver a pantient with brod spectrum antibiotics, and then aquous cream.

if it is psoriasis with scales renewing and peeling while u scratch the head, u can take: Homeopathic medicine- CALOTROPIS GIG. Q DOSAGE: only 5 drops in one tumbler of water-7am and bed time. if u feel hot after taking u can stop the morning dose. 15 days after u cn se the result. more over it is ablood purifier and anti-obesity medicine. generally no medicine for this but i claimed cure by this prescription in a few cases. Dr. sangam

Use anti dandruff shampoos.
You can also apply topical steroid carefully on your scalp.

Cool Guy in Cali
Head N Shoulders, Selsun Blue, and if those don't work then see a doctor.

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