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 What fruits is good for the skin?

Additional Details
thank you for answering my question......

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 Ive been getting alot of cold sores on my lips and?
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Additional Details

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 I hae been having white spots on my nails for a while now what is it?

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 I discovered my palms are so hard, i mean strong, like coarse. it's being giving me nightmares, to soften it?
initially i thought rubbing creams and other moisturizers would soften it but to no avail. i am always embarrased when people shake my hand and exclaim "ah! your palms are so strong". pls ...

What is puss made of?
I got bored and picked a huge scab off my arm.

It scabbed back over, but I wasn't satisfied and poked and prodded it, and stretched the skin at the sides so the edges lifted up.

Green puss has now started leaking from the centre of the scab and I'm curious what it's made of.

I'm also curious as to what scabs are made of and is it true they will make your hair and nails grow longer if you eat them?

Little_G x

Ebonie C
puss is made of dead white blood cells

geoff d
Sugar and spice and all things nice etc ..........lol

Kinda gross question, but...
pus is made out of dead white blood cells
scabs are clotted blood. Don't eat them, that's gross

puss is a sign of infection, which may need to be treated with antibiotics and scabs are mad from dried blood and plasma, when you cut it these things form to protect the new skin underneath until healing is complete, dont pick it .

bacteria and dead white blood cells

scabs are made of protiene and blood not best to eat a coloured puss is usualy a sign of infection

Bacteria sounds like you have an infection.

I think you need a psychiatrist.

Prophet of disaster
This is easily done I have done it and my doc gave me Hep Sulf 30 and the pus stopped and the scab fell away I was cured !! It's a homeopathic treatment.

Ok, first of all, leave that scab alone! Green puss, that means infection, it's gotta smell like hell too. What is it made of? water and antibodies used to fight that infection... that... if it's green your poor body is losing. Scabs, made of dry blood, dead tissue, they protect the wound to heal better... stop bugging it or you'll end up with a nasty scar. Oh, and nothing you've heard about them is true. it's just... ewwww just think of this... if you eat it, you are probably get that same infection in your tummy.

Now thats a closely guarded secrtet known only by the Colonel

Puss is made of bacterial infection. Green puss sounds really bad, scabs are made of some certain cells in your body.. When you have a cut those cells go to your cuts and build over it so keep you from bleeding and helps regenerate and heal the skin.

JJ 2k8
it's the stuff McDonalds call gherkin!

also, dont eat it, just leave it alone!

John N
Cute, short cat.

Puss is made from dead white blood cells. If it's green there's probably dead bacteria in there too. Scabs are darker because they also have dead red blood cells in them - and dirt if you didn't clean the wound up first. The last bit sounds like a bit of an urban myth. I suppose blood does contain protein but I woudn't say scabs were part of a healthy diet!

You should collect your scabs and keep them in a tupperware box.

Once you've got enough, but them in a bowl, pour over a splash of milk and sprinkle with sugar.

I guarantee they'll beat 'Frosties' hands down...

Pus is made of bacteria. Scabs are made of blood.

No, that not true. I don't recommend eating your scabs.

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