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Naughty Nicky
What is causing my husbands feet to smell so bad?
He has smooth white patches on his soles. They don't itch and its not athletes foot. He washes them every day and hardly wears trainers. Obviously its some sort of bacteria but can anyone suggest any treatment? I reckon its grounds for divorce, the smell is enough to permeate a room in 20 seconds even he thinks its bad. Please help us

try washing them

S i r i
tell him to change sock more frequent

stop treating him so bad and maybe they wont anymore.

he prob doing it on purpose so you do divorce him

Possibly tinea pedis or athletes foot. Bathe in surgical spirit am and pm and get medicines from chemist. Lamisil is good.

Sounds like he could have a fungal infection in the nail bed. Might be a good idea to seek out either a chiropodist or possibly a doctor, get some antibiotics. Good luck.

it is probaly a fungal infection, he needs to go to the docs and get some cream. it will clear up in days. x

If he has white patches he should try an antifungal cream first. He needs to wash and dry his feet well and then use the antifungal cream. He should wear white cotton socks and change his shoes daily so the pair he just wore can air out.

i recommend he see a doctor for this condition. possibly it is something that can be treated.

well i just been to my sisters and her feet,are so smelly and hard skin,she used to be a nurse, and had the best feet in our house,so i offered to do them for her this week,your husband should go to the chemist or doctor,i did once have athletes foot but the dr gave me some cream you can buy it over the counter now,its lamilsil,and also i soak my feet once a week in, comfort,and add afew drops of pure tee tree oil,that should keep you together,

bernie c
When my son lived at home his feet stunk his partner says they still do, I had an email the other week about natural health tips and it said to soak teabags in hot water and to soak your feet in it, don't know if it works or not worth a try. A peg on your nose is sore I tried it!!!.

angel c
bacteria causes stinkyness. The normal amount of bacteria can cause a bit of odor but if its like about to gag you Id say there is some problem with an abundance of bacteria combine that with sweat and YIKES!!!! Id first look at hygenic reasons try antibacteria soap keep them clean and dry ect. If its still a problem may be time to ask the doc.

Go to femail.com/smelly feet. They have the solution there.

The key they say is spraying on an anti fungal.

Were only cotton socks.

Put odor absorber inserts in all shoes.

Get rid of all old shoes that smell bad.

Scrub feet weekly with a brush to get rid of the dead skin.

This is the essence of what they said.

smelly feet are meant to be healthy, but i do think there may be a danger to your health if they are sooooo bad,i know if you ask at the chemist you can get a foot soak that is very good don't put too much in or your feet go blue, and all the normal things wear leather shoes cotton socks ,wash twice daily, and let the air get to them whenever you can(maybe sitting outside till you get on top of things lol)

Well it sounds like athletes foot to me. Put some mycil power and cream on feet morning and evening. chnage socks every day and continue with the treatment for 6 weeks after it looks like it has gone. This might sound a little excessive but trust me it will come back otherwise.

spider 1
Feet smell for two reasons: you wear shoes and your feet sweat. The interaction between your perspiration and the bacteria that thrive in your shoes and socks generates the odour. Therefore, any attempt to reduce foot odour has to address both your sweating and your footwear.

Try to alternate footwear and wear cotton socks,wash daily with a gentle soap, rinse and dry thoroughly and whenever possible have bare feet.

Smelly feet can also be caused by an inherited condition called hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, which primarily affects men. Stress, some medications, fluid intake and hormonal changes also can increase the amount of perspiration your body produces.

Soak in 1 part vinegar to 2 parts warm water daily, vinegar is an antiseptic and it will help with the smell.

karen's revenge
hooray !!! i've finally found someone who has to put up with the same thing as i do !!!
it's bloody awful, isn't it ? my other half's feet can literally melt the material of his socks - no joking ! he works as a civil engineer on a building site, so he has to wear steel toe capped boots for about 10 hours a day, and although he too washes his feet every day, and uses a foot spray every morning, by the time he comes home, his feet are literally humming...... i have to make him go wash his feet, and leave his boots by the front door, but even then, more often that not, i have to light a scented candle of something, or my house would end up smelling like a blokes changing room...... yuck..... we've tried all kinds of foot sprays and deodorants, but the most effective thing i found was buying some special 'Fresh Feel' men's cotton socks from Asda. (i live in the UK, so i don't know what the equivalent would be in other countries) i don't know what they do to those socks, but they wash a lot better than any other cotton socks that i've bought for him, and the foot odour is much better than what it was.. he still used the foot deoderant though - u can buy several different brands, from supermarkets or chemists... i think he uses the Scholl one...... he's been to the doctors about this problem in the past, and it was confirmed that it wasn't athlete's foot, but a problem with bacteria... try the socks and a proper foot deoderant together - see how it goes. good luck.

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