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Sandy B
What is causing bruises on my body? They just appear for no reason.?
I have not been hit or bumped anything.
Additional Details
What could that "something serious" be??

kaitlyn w
some people just radimly brusie and see a doctor

well it is possible that you sleep walk and you hit something or maybe you are violent in your sleep and you hit something that left a bruise

is there a history of hemophilia in your family?

you might toss and turn in your sleep. i get that alot. and i easily bruise so even if someone just pokes me in the arm, it bruises.

Byron Brunski
You have been abducted....................


Charles S
You probably have an iron deficiency. Take some vitamins, or eat some liver or something. My wife had the same problem, and after she started toking a multi-vitamin every day it went away, and came back after she stopped.

Elvis W
Have you not been eating enough? I think easy bruising can be a symptom of malnutrition. You probably want to get a doctor's advice though. It could be nothing or it could be something.

Eternity 4U Always
It might be something as simple as being anemic - a simple blood test by your doctor will put all worries to rest.

Talk to your doctor. This can be a sign of something more serious. Bloodwork is in order.

William B
See a doctor!
If this is a new symptom, then it is possibly an indication of a more serious problem.
Have you started taking any new medication recently?

If you notice multiple bruises on your body for no known reason, see your health care provider as this may be a sign of something more serious.

Hope it's nothing serious though,
good luck

I really hope it's nothing serious...but bruises appearing suddenly may be caused by several reasons including anemia, leukemia, etc. Are you feeling tired lately? What about your weight and appetite?

Go see your doctor and discuss your symtoms. Lab tests such as bloodwork should be done to find out what's been causing your bruising.

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